Fixed-wing drones (Fixed-wing Drone) are a type of drone that uses fixed wings instead of rotors to generate lift, similar to traditional aircraft design. The wing position, sweep angle and other parameters are fixed. Unlike multi-rotor drones that fly by propellers, fixed-wing drones generate lift by wings, so they have lower energy consumption, faster flight speed and longer air time. They are widely used in large-scale aerial photography, mapping, forest protection, security patrols and transportation operations.

Fixed-wing drones usually have higher flight speeds and longer flight times. This feature makes them often used for long-distance and long-duration flight missions, such as agriculture, mapping and geographic information systems (GIS), infrastructure inspections, search and rescue, environmental protection, etc.

Fixed-wing drones have a stronger load capacity than quad-rotor drones. Therefore, fixed-wing drones can also carry heavy objects for transportation and emergency rescue missions.

Advantages and Limitations of Fixed-Wing Drones


  • Long flight time: Fixed-wing drones can stay in the air for hours, suitable for long-term missions.
  • Large coverage area: Each flight can cover a larger area, suitable for large-scale monitoring and data collection.
  • Fast flight speed: Able to reach the target area quickly, saving time.


  • Landing and takeoff requirements: A runway or catapult is required for takeoff and landing, which limits operations in small spaces.
  • Complex control: Compared with rotary-wing drones, fixed-wing drones are more complex to fly and control, requiring higher operating skills.
  • Poor maneuverability: Unable to hover or operate precisely in a small space like rotary-wing drones.

For fixed-wing drones, flight time and range are the most important flight performance indicators. The farther you fly, the wider the area you can see; the longer you fly, the more image information you can get in a single flight. A simple but effective solution! Fixed-wing drones are usually expensive, ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. Considering different budgets and needs, we will introduce the best fixed-wing drones, the Autel Dragonfish series, for you to choose from.

Autel Dragonfish series

It is worth mentioning that the Autel Dragonfish series drones are tilt-rotor drones that can switch between multi-rotor and fixed-wing according to flight conditions and environment, combining the advantages of multi-rotor and fixed-wing.

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