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Fixed Wing Drones - A Beginner's Guide

In the drone category, common consumer drones are dominated by quadcopters, and fixed-wing drones are often used in commercial applications. Fixed-wing drones have the characteristics of large size and strong functions, and are used in many fields. Fixed-wing drones with VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) are gradually becoming a new bright spot.

What Is A Fixed-Wing Drone?

The ever-upgrading drone technology has made it possible for drones to replace human inspections. The obvious feature of fixed-wing drones and quadcopters is that the drone wings are not rotatable. Fixed-wing drones are multi-purpose tools. Although not as flexible as quadcopters, they often play a huge role in mapping tasks or long-range missions.

Fixed-wing drones have the characteristics of high speed, wide coverage, long battery life, multiple collaborative operations, and payload carrying, providing high-quality functions and a stable flight experience.

How To Fly a Fixed-Wing Drone?

Fixed Wing Drones - Dragonfish

Flying a fixed-wing drone is not as simple as flying a quadcopter. You need to have sufficient psychological preparation and professional skills knowledge. Buying a fixed-wing drone is an expensive investment, and a professional drone pilot should have a good understanding of drones and the skills to fly them.

Conduct pre-flight inspections. This is important, whether you're flying a quadcopter or a fixed-wing drone, you'll need to do a pre-flight.

Read the manual thoroughly. Flying a drone is always a risky act. Whether you are an experienced drone pilot or a drone beginner, you need to fully refer to the user manual to operate everything.

Use trainer mode or novice mode. Most smart drones have a novice mode set inside the drone, which is friendly to most drone players and effectively prevents accidents when the drone is too fast.

What Is A VTOL Drone?

VTOL basically combines one of the best attributes of a quadcopter with the endurance and range capabilities of a fixed-wing aircraft. VTOL stands for vertical take-off and landing, creating a new way for fixed-wing drones to take off. Drones with VTOL do not need any type of runway for vertical takeoff and landing.

Takeoff and Landing of Fixed Wing Drones

Fixed-wing drones are similar in shape to the civil airliners we take. Therefore, it is simple to understand that the take-off and landing of fixed-wing drones require a certain space for the runway.

The launch methods of fixed-wing drones include manual launch, VTOL, and mechanical launch. VTOL is the best way to launch fixed-wing drones. The fixed-wing drone will fly by a built-in pre-programmed path after launch.

Landing of fixed-wing drones requires enough space for a taxi stop. The VTOL drone will not be limited by space, and it will be more convenient to drop.

Autel Dragonfish Fixed Wing Drones

How To Choose a Fixed-Wing Drone?

Takeoff and Landing

Due to the special nature of fixed-wing aircraft, it needs landing gear to help it take off and land. For fixed-wing aircraft, take-off and landing are very limited, and you need to plan the flight path and landing range of the fixed-wing drone in advance. A fixed-wing drone with VTOL capability would be a good choice.

Control and Operation

Fixed-wing drones can have a wide range of capabilities, depending on their build, power and control. Drone pilots don’t just have fixed-wing drones in the air, they’re more about using fixed-wing drones as a tool to help us get some solutions. This requires the drone pilot to have a sufficient level of flight experience and be proficient in drone flight.

Materials and Design

The aerodynamics of fixed-wing drones depend on the materials of their manufacture and design elements such as wings. The more advanced the drone, the more important materials and design become. Common beginner and intermediate drones are made of lightweight and absorbent foam. Advanced fixed-wing drones will also use carbon fiber elements.

Fixed Wing Drone FAQs

What Are The Advantages Of Fixed-Wing Drones?

Flight time - The biggest advantage of using fixed-wing drones is that they can fly faster and farther than multi-rotor drones. This means they can cover a larger area in one flight.

What Is The Most Affordable Fixed-Wing Drone?

Autel Dragonfish vtol drones

Fixed-wing drones tend to be powerful and effective, and fixed-wing drones with VTOL capabilities will be more attractive. They avoid the hassle of taking off and landing, and get drones into the air faster. To choose the best drone on the price tag, you can also consider purchasing a drone kit, drone accessories will help us even more.

Among the many fixed-wing drones, I recommend the Autel Dragonfish series. Autel Dragonfish is a fixed-wing drone with VTOL capabilities. Not only that, the interaction design of the tilt-rotor and vertical wings of the Autel Dragonfish is one of the design highlights that stands out among many fixed-wing drones.

How Far Are Fixed-Wing Drones?

The range of a fixed-wing drone is ultimately determined by its battery, efficiency, and the range of the controllers you use to fly it. Typically, fixed-wing drones are long-range drones that can fly more than a mile at a time. But at the same time, the endurance of fixed-wing drones also depends on the drone specifications.

In Conclusion

Fixed-wing drones are very powerful and professional aerial work tools, and drone pilots should fully consider all factors when performing aerial drone services. Invest in quality equipment to do more for you and get more solutions.

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