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Drone Technology

Mechanical Shutter VS Electronic Shutter

Drone Mechanical Shutter
Drones with cameras have become a useful tool for aerial surveillance, and drones have become one of the important tools for modern photography and video production. To understand the working principle of drone CMOS camera, it is necessary to know the important influence of mechanical shutter and electronic shutter on drone camera imaging.

What is the Autel Skylink transmission system?

Autel Skylink transmission syste
The Autel Skylink transmission system is an advanced video transmission system developed by Autel Robotics to provide high-quality video transmission and flight control.The Autel Skylink system features high definition, low latency, and stability.

What is Drone Obstacle Avoidance System?

What is Drone Obstacle Avoidance System?
The drone obstacle avoidance system is the prerequisite for effectively ensuring the safe flight of multi-rotor drones at low altitudes, realizing autonomous navigation, collision detection and avoiding collisions between UAV drones and obstacles. We will detail drone obstacle avoidance sensing technology.

What is Drone Camera HDR Mode?

What is Drone Camera HDR Mode?
The HDR mode of the drone camera refers to the High-Dynamic Range mode (High-Dynamic Range), which is a set of technologies used to achieve a larger exposure dynamic range than ordinary digital image technology.

What is Drone Thermal Imaging?

Autel Drone Thermal Imaging
Drone thermal imaging sensing technology refers to the emerging drone technology in which the drone platform is equipped with a thermal imaging camera, collects and receives the infrared radiation energy of the measured object, and acquires and analyzes the thermal imaging image of the measured object.

What is Drone Camera RYYB Technology?

Autel drone RYYB Technology
Autel EVO Nano+ and Autel EVO Lite add RYYB technology. The RYYB (red, yellow, yellow, and blue) filter is different from the traditional RGB (red, green, and blue) filter. The drone camera greatly improves the shooting effect in low-light environments.