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Drone North Sentinel Island | Explore The Distance

North Sentinel Island sentinelese with drone

Autel Robotics is a powerful U.S. drone R&D and manufacturing company, both consumer drones and enterprise drones are a strong player in the drone market! There's nothing wrong with using drones as a hobby to capture aerial views and have fun driving them! So, have you thought about the connection between drones and north sentinel island?

Where is North Sentinel Island?

This is a small island in the Bay of Bengal, located in southeastern India. It has been described as "the most remote place on earth". The indigenous tribes here are called the North Sentinelese, a primitive hunter-gatherer who refuses to contact other tribes.

Is it legal to fly a drone on North Sentinel Island?

Flying a drone is undoubtedly exciting and fun, but every pilot should abide by the relevant laws and regulations!

Indigenous tribal protection laws in the area prohibit travel to the island and anywhere within five nautical miles to prevent tribal communities from catching exotic diseases for which they have no immunity. The area is patrolled by the Indian Navy.

Based on this information, it is not illegal to fly a drone on North Sentinel Island. However, you should still consult the Indian government beforehand.

Secondly, the North Sentinelese are very xenophobic, they are prone to resistance to external things, and your drone is likely to face the danger of being shot down after being discovered.

How do I get permission to fly on North Sentinel Island?

North Sentinel Island has been declared off-limits for tourists and explorers by the Indian government. It is not only to protect the primitive tribes, but also to protect the safety of tourists and explorers.

To fly a drone legally on North Sentinel Island, you must obtain a license from the Indian government. You can apply for a permit through an online form on the website of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

What are the best places to fly a drone in North Sentinel Island?

Many have discussed North Sentinel Island and the mysterious people who live there. But relevant information is scant. It might be a good idea to take advantage of the drone's aerial view!

Therefore, this requires us to have certain flying experience and photography skills, and at the same time be equipped with a long-range drone. It is estimated that the drone pilot needs to fly at least 5 nautical miles to the island and back. Moreover, the UAV also needs a certain degree of wind resistance.

Autelpilot Store would like to recommend you Autel EVO II Pro V3, the maximum image transmission distance of this drone can reach 15 kilometers.

Is it ethical to fly a drone over North Sentinel Island?

This is a question that probably pops up on most people's minds, and our stance on it is one of curiosity and science. It is important and positive to fly drones to take long-distance filming without interfering with the lives of indigenous people.

Currently, most researchers use telescopes or long-range binoculars to observe the island's native population. Flying over North Sentinel Island with a drone requires a lot of money and a lot of government approval. The risk reward ratio and cost-effectiveness are very high.

If you are lucky enough to get the relevant approval from the Indian government, it is recommended to use Autel Dragonfish for better observation and research on this island. This is a very powerful VTOL UAV with an image transmission distance of 18.6 miles and a maximum flight time of 158 minutes.

In Conclusion

Drones are a great way to research North Sentinel Island, but you will always need approval from the Indian government to use drones on North Sentinel Island. Drones are good helpers for cameras, not weapons, and should not be used for surveillance of island residents. Drones can be used to study the island, take photos and videos, and even deliver supplies if necessary.

Overall, the use of drones on North Sentinel Island is likely to have positive results.

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