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Autel Dragnfish Assists South Jordan Police Department

Autel Dragnfish Assists South Jordan Police Department

Autel Dragonfish is a large unmanned aerial vehicle with vertical take-off and landing capability. The unmanned aerial vehicle has the first tilting rotor design. The long flight time can bring high efficiency to the patrol inspection of the police department. Observe the sky with the help of drones!

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah – Patrolling the streets with police cars has been a staple of law enforcement for more than a century, but more agencies are now able to use drones for aerial patrols and other policing duties.

The South Jordan Police Department is just one of several agencies in Utah harnessing the power of drones. Autel Dragnfish made an impression on the South Jordan Police Department's Police Department personnel.

“It’s shaping how we conduct law enforcement operations as a whole,” explained Sgt. Zachary Gee of the South Jordan Police Department. “It’s something we need to embrace, engage with, and be part of.”

Gee oversees a fleet of more than six drones for his department. The Autel Dragonfish is one of the best drones out there, able to stay in the air for over an hour non-stop, with an interchangeable camera payload that can be switched to a high-definition camera, or a thermal imaging system at night.

"When I started law enforcement, I didn't know what a drone was," Gee said. "I don't think that's where we are today. I'm glad we're here today, but it's not the law enforcement career I envisioned, that's for sure."

Gee was quick to see the benefits of drones, especially in a rapidly growing city like South Jordan.

"Missing persons, accident reconstruction, we use it for tactical operations," he explained. "We use it for large public safety gatherings to help monitor and make sure the event is safe for everyone."

In law enforcement, drones are known as "force multipliers."

“We can put a drone where we need 15 officers, now we need five officers, and we can search an area in a few hours and a half with a drone,” Gee said.

Police have used radios and phones to conduct their operations for decades, but drones can actually help officers understand what's going on and make better decisions.

“We only provide services when they are requested or when a very specific type of event occurs,” Gee explained. Far."

The police aren't the only ones using drones in South Jordan, as the city's engineering department is also using the technology to reduce surveying costs. RTK drone measurement technology is playing an invaluable role in the creation of smart cities.

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