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Sea Rescue Drones Autel Dragonfish

Sea Rescue Drones Autel Dragonfish | Aerial Solutions

As the first responder, drones can quickly arrive at the rescue scene and promote the modernization of maritime search and rescue work. Sea rescue drones can provide support at sea and in coastal areas, helping the Coast Guard save more lives and explore new cutting-edge methods.

How does the sea rescue drone carry out rescue services?

search and rescue at sea

Sea rescue drones offer new aerial solutions to aid in maritime search and rescue missions. The Autel drone's recommender is the Autel Dragonfish drone, which can efficiently scan large areas and help pinpoint people in distress with the help of high-resolution digital images and thermal sensors.

  • Scan large areas with high-resolution aerial imagery and identify threats to victims and responders.
  • Improve the perspective of responders and take search and rescue efficiency to the next level.
  • At night or in low light conditions, utilize thermal sensors to locate missing persons who may have gone unnoticed.

Why do we need maritime rescue drone services?

After a disaster, every moment counts, and complex terrain and environments can delay response times.

Disaster zones pose a danger to victims and rescue teams, which can be exacerbated by a lack of clear information and communication.

Incomplete knowledge of affected areas can hamper relief efforts and prioritization of targets.

Key Benefits of Sea Rescue Drone Services

Search and rescue

dragonfish drone locates people trapped at sea

Efficiently scan large areas and locate missing persons with high-resolution digital and thermal cameras. Autel Dragonfish series drones include Autel Dragonfish Lite, Autel Dragonfish Standard, Autel Dragonfish Pro. The Dragonfish drone responds to sea rescue situations by replacing different camera payloads.

Disaster response

Disaster response

Coastal areas are extremely vulnerable to natural environmental disasters, such as typhoons and tsunamis. The Autel Dragonfish family of drones is able to fly over affected areas, document infrastructure and property damage, and optimize rescue efforts.

How Sea Rescue Drones Can Aid in Disaster Relief?

Fly over obstacles and hazards, gain instant insight, and begin deploying care.

Aerial angles can help guide ground teams, facilitate communications and synchronize rescue efforts.

Rapid 2D and 3D modeling of affected areas can generate actionable maps to guide disaster relief efforts.

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