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Dragonfish On A Search And Rescue Mission

Dragonfish On A Search And Rescue Mission

The environment of the mountains is complicated and sinister. Pedestrians, climbers, tourists, etc. often get lost in the mountains. When the trapped persons lost contact in the mountains, due to the harsh search and rescue environment in the wild, the height difference between the terrain, the vegetation obstruction, the vision was blocked, and the alarm was called in time. Finding the missing person may be a difficult challenge, usually in the afternoon or evening, and there are other factors.

Dragonfish Mission

Traditional human inspections need to penetrate into the complex mountain environment and search in the old forests in the mountains, which not only has low efficiency, but also greatly increases the risk of rescuers themselves. In addition, over time, the trapped persons will face unpredictable risks, and will even endanger life and expose to harsh environments. Let's take a look at the solution of the drone Dragonfish in the mountainous areas with complex terrain.

I. Search and rescue unmanned machine mountain rescue advantage

Searching for rescue drone Dragonfish provides an air perspective, which can be relatively easy to search the operating area and find the trapped person from the top. It can quickly exclude some positions and has become a "power" that cannot be underestimated in the field of emergency rescue.

1. Flexible and fast deployment.

2. Equipped with ground stations to support information exchange with rescue personnel.

3. Multi -functional integration, easy to disassemble.

II. Search and rescue drone mountain rescue function

1. Mobile search and rescue: search and rescue drone has high -altitude maneuverability, not affected by ground environment, and can quickly carry out search and rescue.

2. Quickly build maps: Quickly generate maps and make electronic command maps.

3. Candidates label research and judgment: label the existing information.

4. Route guidelines: Send the reference route to the handheld terminal.

5. Point positioning: The coordinates and numbers of the trapped persons are synchronized to the rescue force through the laser player positioning function.

6. Information Synchronization: The Information DETECTD by the Drone Operator is Synchronized to the Command Platform in Real-Time.

III. Search rescue Drone Mountain Rescue Plan

1. Mountaineering Search and Rescue: Drone + Night Vision Camera + Thermal Imaging Camera + Laser Rangefinder

(1) Night Vision Camera: The Search rescue Drone Can Captured Pictures in the Night Environment and Fly in Sight.

(2) Super-Resolution Thermal Imaging: AI Intelligeent Algorithm Image Enhancement.

(3) Laser RangeFinder: Remote Marking, One-key shared coordinates, real-time coordinal positioning.

2. Long-Distance Search and Rescue Solution: Drone + Starlight Camera + Bifocal Thermal Imaging Camera + Laser Rangefinder

(1) Starlight-level carera: Night vision to enhance nighttime visibility.

(2) Linking zoom: visible light and infrared linkage zoom.

(3) Laser ranging meter: Remote markers, one -click sharing coordinates, quickly lock the position of the personnel.

Unmanned aircraft is an unmanned aircraft operating using radio remote control devices and self -provided program control devices. UAV can be divided into military and civilian use in the field of application. In military use, drones are divided into scouts and targets. The application of drones has greatly expanded the application of drones in the fields of aerial auction, agricultural plant protection, surveying, and search and rescue.

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