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Autel Dragonfish Coastal Patrol Solution

Autel Dragonfish Coastal Patrol Solution

Autel Dragonfish, as the most powerful commercial drone of Autel Robotics, will apply aerial drone solutions in multiple fields. Autel Dragonfish's coastal patrol solutions can help police, coast guard and other law enforcement agencies conduct maritime surveillance and law enforcement on the coastline. Compared with traditional maritime patrol methods, Dragonfish Coastal Patrol Solution can not only improve work efficiency, but also reduce the risk of casualties.

When the Dragonfish drone performs maritime patrol missions, the Autel Skycommand Center serves as the command center to issue instructions for the Autel Dragonfish drone.

The integrated control center of Autel Dragonfish is composed of ground station and control software. The ground station can receive the images and data sent by the drone in real time, and can control the drone in real time through the remote control. The control software can realize functions such as task planning, data processing and analysis, and improve work efficiency and management capabilities.

The Autel Dragonfish drone adopts a durable design, which can perform stable flight in complex environments, and is waterproof and moisture-proof, and can cope with harsh sea conditions. It is equipped with a high-definition camera and an infrared camera, which can realize round-the-clock surveillance and intelligence collection.

There are many benefits to using Dragonfish drones for maritime inspections. First of all, drones can replace people in search and supervision work, avoiding the dangers caused by people being affected by the external environment. Secondly, Drone can quickly respond to mission needs, quickly collect intelligence information, improve reaction speed and effectively combat criminal activities. Secondly, the utilization of Dragonfish drones can also help reduce the waste of human resources, save costs and time, and improve work efficiency.

The emergence of Dragonfish Coastal Patrol Solution has greatly contributed to the safety and stability of the coastline under the increasing problems of illegal trade, border crossing and so on. This technology will be more widely used in the future, and will play an important role in improving the national maritime security level.