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Autel dragonfish police drone

Police Drones Have A Promising Application

Drones now have relatively mature operational processes in many areas, and they help the public security sector or the civilian commercial organisation sector with many characters. The application of drones is very promising and the drone industry is set to grow using the autonomous dynamics of drones!

autel dragonfish police drone

I. Unmanned drones assist the police in building a smart city

There are three main roles for drones in traffic management.

1. Aerial photography of accident scenes for photo restoration

Traffic police can use drones to obtain visual images to get an accurate picture of the last position of the vehicles involved, to recover the scene of a traffic accident faster and to provide data to support the determination of responsibility for the accident.

2. Scouting roads and quickly removing obstructions

When a motorway is congested or a major accident occurs, stranded vehicles can be several kilometres long and it can be difficult for manpower to reach the core area in a short time to identify the problem, but drones can quickly gather complete site information, identify blockage points and facilitate the expansion of clearance efforts.

3. Flow statistics for optimal traffic management

Drones can collect comprehensive overhead video of major intersections and critical road sections and store it for a long time for big data analysis so that traffic police can adjust to long-term traffic conditions, for example by resetting the timing of traffic signals at intersections to improve traffic efficiency.

II. Unmanned drones help firefighters achieve scientific rescue

Safe operation is always a priority in firefighting and rescue. Multi-rotor drones like corporate drones can take off and land vertically and are often small enough that they can often be deployed quickly to take aerial photographs of unknown locations. The theoretical role of firefighting drones can still be summarised in three points.

1. advance photography to provide information support regarding follow-up work

2. the ability to support water supply at high altitudes to extinguish fires

3. the need to locate hot zones to avoid re-setting after aerial photography following fire suppression.

III. Unmanned drones to assist police in handling cases, potential still to be clicked

The use of drones in crime is still in the initial testing phase. One British police officer noted that unmanned drones could be used for aerial photography at crime scenes, to fight wildlife poachers and even play a role in dangerous gun activity, thus helping the police to obtain vital information effectively and safely.

The adoption of drones through the unit is an encouragement to the industry as a whole. However, there are still many technical challenges to overcome if large-scale adoption is to be achieved at a national level. For example, drones conducting fire investigations must be resistant to high temperatures, unmanned drones must have sufficient load capacity, and unmanned drones can operate in day and night and in all weather.

This explains the importance of the drone's hardware. Robust airframe materials, cameras required for high definition aerial photography and load equipment such as infrared thermal cameras.

In Autel Drones, the Autel EVO II Enterprise series of drones can be selected for aerial deployments to specific areas, the EVO II Pro Enterprise supports 6k HD cameras and the EVO II Dual 640T Enterprise supports HD thermal imaging with 640*512 resolution.

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