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Frequently Asked Questions

Autel EVO Max Series Payload FAQ

Autel EVO Max 4T Drone
EVO MAX series payload description, will include RTK, spotlight, Loud speaker, interchangeable interface on the top of the drone. The 4T and 4N cameras are interchangeable, and the dropper device EVO Max Payload Drop System-H will also be launched.

How To Use Drones For Mapping?

drones for mapping
Aerial mapping drones often have high-performance sensors such as RGB sensors, thermal cameras, multispectral cameras, and LiDAR payloads to collect aerial data. Drone mapping works by taking photos from different angles and labeling each image with coordinates.

How Does Overloading A Drone Affect Drone Flight?

Overloading  A Drone

Experienced drone operators or DIY enthusiasts often want to enhance their drones' imaging capabilities and other functions by increasing their payload capacity and adding better cameras and other sensors, but we need to be mindful of the impact of overloading drones!