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Frequently Asked Questions


Answers to frequently asked questions about Autel EVO NEST, explaining the functions and applicability of Autel EVO NEST, and clarifying the difference between Autel EVO NEST 2021 and Autel EVO NEST2023.

How To Export Autel Drone Flight Logs?

Export Autel Drone Flight Control Logs
We will introduce the export method of Autel EVO Nano SeriesEVO Lite SeriesEVO II Series flight control log, Prepare a high-speed SD card,create a copy_log.txt file,turning on the aircraft, insert the SD card,Wait for the flight log to be exported,Pull out the SD card and check whether copy_log.txt exists.

How To Sync Drone Flight Logs?

How To Sync Drone Flight Logs?
Autel users use the Autel EVO II drone to synchronize flight records: update the drone firmware, update the drone software Autel Explorer App to the latest version, Enter APP Home page --Personal Center --Flight Logs--Upload all flight logs to Cloud.

High Flying Drones: Can I Fly a Drone Over Mountains?

High-altitude drones
High -altitude drones have become more demanding. Driving drones on the mountains need to pay attention to more matters, improve the responsibility responsibility for flight safety in mountainous areas, and drive high -altitude flight drones to become adventurous!