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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Charge Autel EVO II Remote Controller?

How To Charge The EVO II Remote Controller?

The EVO III drone charger can simultaneously charge your EVO II battery and your remote controller. Attach the provided USB cable to the charger brick and the other end into the remote controller under the protective cover, you can monitor the charging process on the built-in OLEDs screen.

How To Connect iPhone or Android device to Autel EVO II Remote Controller?

How To Connect iPhone or Android device to Autel EVO II Remote Controller?

EVO II Remote Controller can hold max mobile device size

  • Max length: 84mm
  • max thickness: 13mm

Connect iPhone to Autel EVO II Remote Controller

  • You can directly connect EVO II remote controller to iPhone via lightning cable. Note: EVO II package list excludes iPhone lightning cable

Connect Android Phone to Autel EVO II Remote Controller

  • EVO II package list includes 2 USB cable, you can use it to connect your android phone and remote controller

Can Autel EVO II Drone for 3D Mapping?

Autel EVO II 3D MappingAutel EVO II Explorer app built-in Mission Planner to create and execute your missions. The way-point setup on the EVO II mission planner is perfect for professional mapping, although this mission planner is nowhere near the capabilities of Pix4D capture, however, it's been working great in a lot of our testing and demoing.

Top 10 Q & A: Autel EVO II Drones Frequently Asked Questions

Autel EVO II Top 10 question

Top 10 Autel EVO II Drones Q & A

  • Q1: Autel EVO II Width/ Height?
  • Q2: Autel EVO II takeoff weight?
  • Q3: Autel EVO II Flight Range?
  • Q4: does either camera have a mechanical global shutter, or are they both linear rolling?
  • Q5: Will the EVO 2 have waterproof?
  • Q6: Do the accessories for Evo work for Evo 2? Batteries, Propellers, live deck?
  • Q7: Does EVO II have geofencing?
  • Q8: Only the PRO model will offer an adjustable aperture feature?
  • Q9: Will the EVO II offer digital zoom as well?
  • Q10: What are the EVO II Camera Specs?
  • ......

What is the Autel EVO II Mission Planner?

Autel EVO II Mission Planner Screen

The Autel Explorer EVO II Mission Planner is a full-featured, waypoint mission creation and editing tool.

The planner includes many advanced capabilities useful for the professional pilot using your EVO II aircrafts to cover a variety of industrial applications.Examples of industrial applications include (but not limited to):

  • Photogrammetry (2D and 3D).See:
  • Crop and Agriculture Management and Analysis (3rd party analysis tools required)
  • Construction Project Inspection
  • Site Inspection
  • Search and Rescue Operations
  • And many