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Autel dragonfish Rescue task

Live Coverage from Autel Dragonfish On The Pine Pond Fire

DPS Officer Ben Tristan deployed Dragonfish during the Pine Pond Fire as a fire spread through Bastrop County, burning 700 acres of forest. Let's see what's happening on the ground.

Live Drone Rescue at Pine Pond Fire


Autel Dragonfish On The Pine Pond Fire

In August 2022, Ben Tristan was watching his son play soccer when he noticed thick smoke rising in the distance.

The fire spread fairly quickly, and the Pine Pond Fire had burnt to 320 acres by the time Tristan moved into action. Firefighting drones are ready to work, but these quadcopters are merely observing fires and tracking crews on the ground.

Autel Dragonfish is a strategic asset for drone firefighting to maintain public safety. Deploying Autel Dragonfish can quickly find the source of the fire and the scope of the fire. Autel Dragonfish transmits accurate data back to the ground command post, and the commander can quickly organize firefighting equipment and firefighters to rescue forest property.

Stengl Lost Pines After Pine Pond Fire

Autel Dragonfish has infrared thermal imaging, which can accurately display the captured hotspot areas with grid points. At the same time, autonomous route planning of drones can be carried out, and more areas can be detected for data return.

The drone Autel Dragonfish has enough battery life that it can also be used to inspect houses behind the line of fire. Dragonfish can clean up hazardous areas that are difficult to access from the ground, surveying entire blocks or neighborhoods in one mission, rather than sending teams out to inspect homes on foot. This is a major improvement over quadcopters.

Final Result

Crews took ten days to bring the fire under control, according to the University of Texas College of Natural Sciences. 150 firefighters and more than 30 departments were involved. There were no casualties and no homes were destroyed.

Key Features of Autel Dragonfish

Key Applications

  • Hotspot Monitoring 
  • Personnel Tracking
  • At-Risk Home Inspection

Key Capabilities

  • Long Flight Time
  • Tactical Response and Strategic Information
  • Precise Geolocating 

Key Benefits

  • Efficient Asset Deployment 
  • Efficient Inspections 
  • Efficient Data Sharing
  • Increased Interdepartmental Communication
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