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Autel Dragonfish's Multispectral Instrument

Autel Dragonfish's Multispectral Instrument

Autel Dragonfish can be used for multispectral imaging. The Dragonfish drone is equipped with a multispectral sensor load DG-M1, which will be used in precision agriculture, providing plant health insights that cannot be captured by ordinary cameras, and improving intelligent agricultural production management.

The Autel Robotics DG-M1 multispectral payload is specifically designed for the Dragonfish platform. This replaceable gimbal camera DG-M1 is equipped with 6 multispectral sensors and a 12MP wide-angle lens, 3-axis stabilized gimbal, and is designed for applications such as crop health checks and other similar uses.

Autel Dragonfish DG-M1 Multispectral Payloads

A multispectrometer is an instrument that measures and analyzes the absorption, reflection and emission spectra of substances. It can measure light of different wavelengths at the same time and obtain spectral information of different wavelength bands, so as to detect and analyze the characteristics, composition and state of substances.

In the field of agriculture, multispectral instruments can use different band information absorbed or reflected by plants to identify crop growth status, pest and disease conditions, and soil conditions, thereby helping farmers and agricultural scientists conduct precise crop management and agricultural production.

Autel Dragonfish for Agricultural Inspection

Traditional crop monitoring techniques use satellite imagery, and the availability of imagery is entirely dependent on favorable weather conditions. Drones equipped with multispectral instruments can not only improve the quality and resolution of data, but also make monitoring more flexible and collect data more consistent.

In general, multispectral cameras have powerful functions, high reliability, and can be used in combination with drone platforms, making them have great application potential in agriculture, ecological environment, resource exploration and other fields.