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Sea rescue drone

Commercial UAV Drone Application Sea Area Scene

Commercial UAV drones are continuously narrowing the gap between sea, land and air inspections, and the breakthrough technology of drone water inspections has enabled enterprise UAV drones to continue to expand enterprise use cases.

Drones for water resource management and inspection are of great practical significance. As an aerial monitoring node, enterprise drones extend the traditional ground monitoring system to three-dimensional space.

1. Sea area grid inspection

The main implementation method:

(1) Map-defined fixed-point inspection: Using intelligent drones and mounted devices, combined with the cloud control scheduling platform, fixed-point inspection routes can be planned on the cloud to realize automated inspections. The most suitable equipment should choose the Autel Dragonfish series.

(2) Drone call lighting: the drone mounts a loudspeaker, and the searchlight can realize remote lighting and call evacuation. The Loudspeaker can reach up to 120 decibels, and the Spotlight can reach 30m.

(3) Docking with the monitoring large screen in the public security room: the cloud platform provides an API interface, which can realize data calls with the third-party large screen system. It is convenient to realize the real-time image transmission of the UAV drone screen in the police room monitoring screen. Autel Skycommand Center is the best drone dispatch center for command posts.

(4) Thermal imaging: Using intelligent drones such as enterprise-level drones, EVO II 640T, equipped with a dual-light camera sensor 640*512@30fps, it can realize real-time thermal imaging and accurately identify and track objects in low light.

(5) Tracking and positioning of suspicious fishing boats: In terms of ship tracking, front-end AI recognition algorithms can be embedded in drone inspection operations to identify fishing boats and track and locate identified ships.

2. Emergency inspection after rain, flood prevention inspection, mountain field inspection

It is very necessary to use drones for post-rain emergency inspections, flood prevention inspections, and mountain field inspections. On the one hand, it can reduce the potential danger of manual inspections, and at the same time, it can efficiently and quickly discover and deal with potential safety hazards.

Drone emergency inspection plan:

Preparation: Make sure the drone equipment is working properly, charge the battery, carry spare batteries, make sure the remote control and camera are working properly, and the pilot wears appropriate safety equipment.

Flight planning: According to the inspection area, draw inspection routes and target points, avoid flying to no-fly areas, plan take-off and landing points, and pay attention to weather conditions and flight restrictions.

Inspection execution: Inspect one by one according to the predetermined route and target points, inspect and photograph roads, terrain, hillsides, junctions, and wire towers and other construction facilities, pay attention to observe whether there is water accumulation, landslides, damage, etc., and record them .

Data processing: upload photos, videos and other data taken during inspections to the server, use image recognition, artificial intelligence and other technologies for data processing and analysis, screen out abnormal situations and risk points, and promptly notify relevant departments for processing.

Inspection summary: organize inspection data and reports, record abnormal situations and handling situations, and provide reference for subsequent safety management.

It should be noted that during the drone inspection process, relevant laws and regulations and flight regulations must be followed to ensure flight safety and privacy protection. At the same time, factors such as weather, wind power, and flight altitude must also be considered to ensure the quality and effectiveness of inspections.

In the face of safety hazard inspections, it is best to use thermal imaging drones for 3D data collection and real-time return.

3. Emergency water rescue, high-altitude search and rescue

Rescue method: Throw life buoy and rescue supplies. In response to emergencies, the UAV drone can quickly reach the designated location and provide a high-altitude perspective. The UAV drone is equipped with a multi-level thrower, which can achieve multi-point multi-point throwing and complete rescue work efficiently.

When using the Autel drone for throwing missions, the battery power and maximum take-off weight of the drone should be considered. When throwing rescue equipment for water rescue, the Autel Dragonfish series of drones should be used.

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