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Autel Dragonfish Maritime search and rescue drone

Autel Dragonfish Conducts Drone Maritime Search and Rescue Mission

Autel Dragonfish is Autel Robotics' leading VTOL tiltrotor designed drone with powerful flight capabilities, out of the box, including powerful AI tracking capabilities and a variety of modular payload options.

Autel Dragonfish Pro has a battery life of up to 158 minutes. The UAV drone can quickly provide real-time visual information and images, and the payload will further enhance the powerful mission capabilities of Dragonfish. Therefore, Dragonfish is very reliable for maritime inspection and search and rescue missions!

Autel Dragonfish Maritime search and rescue drone

Autel Dragonfish can be quickly deployed and is suitable for severe weather conditions. The tilt-rotor design can automatically switch to fixed-wing mode, so as to fly smoothly on the sea, realize wide-area sea surface search and identification, and successfully and reliably detect people or objects.

Autel Robotics cooperates with Zhuhai Maritime Safety Administration for maritime search and rescue exercise

Equipped with high-definition zoom cameras and other sensors, the Autel Dragonfish is able to cover expanses of ocean, effectively locate missing persons, and transmit real-time video information to the Coast Guard for a quick, life-saving response.

The Autel Dragonfish series features VTOL capabilities, a powerful flight control system and intelligent algorithms to significantly improve the cost-effectiveness of maritime operations such as search and rescue, maritime patrol, anti-piracy, anti-narcotics and border protection.

A real-time video feed from the aircraft can provide a persistent image on land or sea. After the drone finds the trapped person, it can quickly notify the control station command post to send a search and rescue team for rescue.

The maximum flight speed of Autel Dragonfish series can reach 108km/h, so even if the ship is driving on the sea, it can land and take off smoothly.

We are entering the era of drone search and rescue. Emergency services, police, firefighters and even volunteer rescue teams can see search and rescue drones. Drones can not only take high-definition images, but also fly at low altitudes, which is more convenient than helicopters . Autel Dragonfish will be one of the leading drones for surface inspection and search and rescue.