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Autel Dragonfish Coastal Patrol Solution

Autel Dragonfish Coastal Patrol Solution
Autel Dragonfish's coastal patrol solutions can help police, coast guard and other law enforcement agencies conduct maritime surveillance and law enforcement on the coastline. Compared with traditional maritime patrol methods, Dragonfish Coastal Patrol Solution can not only improve work efficiency, but also reduce the risk of casualties.

Autel Dragonfish NEST Introduction

Autel Dragonfish NEST
Dragonfish Nest, an unmanned aerial system in a box from Autel Dragonfish UAS. Autel Dragonfish is one of the most powerful drones available for missions such as search and rescue, fire support, surveying and inspection. Here, we will introduce Dragonfish Nest!

Autel Dragonfish Standard First Flight Test

Autel Dragonfish Standard
Autel Dragonfish is a leading VTOL fixed-wing UAV launched by Autel Robotics. Although Autel Dragonfish has appeared in many drone electronics exhibitions, it has discouraged many industry sectors due to its high value cost! Here we take a look at the first flight test of the Dragonfish Standard in Poland by the companies DILECTRO and ACTION S.A.

Commercial UAV Drone Application Sea Area Scene

Sea rescue drone
The breakthrough technology of drone water inspection has enabled enterprise drones to continue to expand enterprise use cases. Drones in sea areas can carry out intelligent inspections, flood prevention and disaster relief, and extend the traditional ground monitoring system to three-dimensional space.
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