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COVID-19 Shipping Update & Latest Update of EVO II Products

Autelpilot ship order normally during the COVID-19

Autelpilot is still open for business! All orders ship normally! and delivery date within 5-7days.

Latest Update of EVO II

Currently, Most EVO II Series Products are in stock except EVO II Dual, EVO II Pro Rugged, and part accessories, you can order EVO II Accessories and EVO II drones in our store now. All orders will be sent out within 48 hours and from U.S. local warehouse and deliver to you within 5-7 Business Days.

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Autel EVO II Latest Updates, Available for Purchase and Ship Out Today!

Aute evo ii in stock and are ready to ship out

Autel EVO II 8k Rugged Bundle and EVO II Pro finished production on 9 April 2020. Now, Autel EVO II Series (8k & Pro) Drones is in stock and are available for purchase since today on, the big orange 8k drones are ready to fly to every our customer, if you are interested in the EVO II drone, hurry up, don't miss the release!!!

Autel EVO II shipping out!

autel evo ii 8k shipping out

Autel Robotics finished the first EVO II production on 20 March and can available for purchase on 20 March we start shipping the EVO II 8K to our customers who have placed a pre-order. Until 30 March first batch pre-order customer has received their package, and the following pics and videos are provided by our customers.