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Autel Dragonfish in Commerical Drone Expo

Dragon Fish News: Outdoor showcase at Commercial UAV Expo

Commercial drones lead consumer drones with commercial drone technologies ranging from airframe to sensor, software to service, 2022 Autel Robotics leads Dragon Fish to the world's leading commercial UAV  expo in the US in September Las Vegas, Nevada. The commercial drones exhibited throughout the exhibition were displayed outdoors in the desert.

Dragonfish Standard and Dragonfish Lite in the revolutionary fixed-wing sUAS series

The unique tilt-rotor design of the Dragon fish series simplifies operation while maximizing performance and efficiency. Dragonfish has no complicated moving parts and is modular, waterproof, smart and reliable. Out of the box, Dragonfish includes powerful AI tracking and multiple modular payload options.

Autel's John McBride showcases Autel's iconic fixed pterosaur. eVTOLs can be launched and recovered in confined spaces and, due to their increased range, can be used in a variety of ISR and public safety applications: search and rescue, reconnaissance, etc. “We really wanted to show how easy it was to use,” said Maxwell Lee, president of Autel Robotics. “It was really easy to launch and fly, and it did its job the way it was supposed to. "

Dragon fish showcase

Jon McBride: VP of Technology and Training at Autel Robotics. With global responsibility, a key figure in the development and implementation of emerging drone technologies, serving as the Autel Robotics training center project. Train customers and resellers on how to get the most out of their Autel products, especially the Dragonfish eVTOL series.

This reliability and ease of use are key features for Dragon fish customer base. In the well-publicized Gabby Petito tragedy earlier this year, the Lee County Sheriff's Department used Dragonfish to find fugitive Brian Landry in the Carlton Preserve.

Leading commercial drones showcased at Commercial UAV Expo

commercial drones autel dragonfish series

  • Spirit from Ascent AeroSystems, has an all-weather frame so it can operate in rain, snow, sleet and even sandstorms
  • Dragonfish Standard and Dragonfish Lite from Autel Robotics feature tilt rotor and waterproof design with AI tracking
  • Commaris' seeker - a long-endurance and high-speed fixed-wing aircraft demonstrating its range, loiter persistence and near-silent noise profile
  • Frontier Precision and Yellowscan demonstrate LiDAR integration with Freefly AltaX drone platform
  • Skydio focused its demo on autonomy, which the company claims makes drones a more reliable resource by addressing the limited supply of trained and qualified drone pilots
  • Skyfront showcases its Perimeter 8 hybrid drone designed for large-scale surveying projects
  • WingtraOne's GEN II, which includes robust predictive maintenance capabilities.

The future of further development of commercial drones

In this new era, drones are no longer just for hobbyists, but also for public safety and specific industry applications. If commercial drones need further research and innovation, they must develop more industrial and military uses. Commercial drones work for government entities as much as possible, and seeking government-enterprise cooperation is a new advantage.

dragonfish series vtol drones

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