A drone, or an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), are generally accepted to be any aerial vehicle that has no pilot on board. In the wave of technology and digital time, the drones born out of military use have gradually moved to the consumer market and have taken a firm foothold as quickly as it could.

With its unique aerial perspective and flight capabilities, UAV technology has been introduced into various fields, such as aerial photography, precision agriculture, security patrols, search and rescue, logistics transportation, geographic mapping, and more.

We'll explain the types and roles of the different drones here. All kinds of drones have created a competitive drone market. As a leading drone manufacturer, Autel Robotics will present the best drone sincerity to every drone enthusiast.
Autel Camera Drones
Camera Drone

Camera Drone is dedicated to excellent aerial photography quality. A drone with a camera is a perfect combination of photography tools and flying technology, bringing people a perfect visual experience.

Autel Mini Drone
Mini Drone

Mini drones are lightweight drones weighing no more than 250 grams (0.55 lbs). This type of drone does not require registration and is suitable for beginners to learn.

Autel Beginners Drone

Beginners Drone

How to learn how to drive a drone for a novice drone, which type of drone is more suitable for a novice to choose, and the recommendation of a novice drone.

Autel Commercial Drones

Commercial Drones

Unlike aerial photography drones, commercial drones target specific industry needs, requiring them to adapt to complex working environments and perform aerial operations.

Autel Infrared Drones

Infrared Thermal Drones

Infrared thermal imaging drones refer to drones with infrared thermal imaging cameras. This type of drone can perform clear imaging at night and is used in a wide range of industries such as firefighting and construction.