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Autel Dragonfish Standard

Autel Dragonfish Standard First Flight Test


Autel Dragonfish is a leading VTOL fixed-wing UAV launched by Autel Robotics. Although Autel Dragonfish has appeared in many drone electronics exhibitions, it has discouraged many industry sectors due to its high value cost! Here we take a look at the first flight test of the Dragonfish Standard in Poland by the companies DILECTRO and ACTION S.A.

Autel Dragonfish Standard Unboxing

The Autel Dragonfish drone comes in a large solid box in military colors with the manufacturer's logo on it. The box contains all the elements that need to be connected together before the drone can fly. Arowana is ready to fly in less than 5 minutes. It's very intuitive and doesn't require any extra tools. We attached the wings to the drone body, which housed additional rotors, rear control elements, two batteries and a dedicated camera. After connecting all the components and setting up the RTK station, the drone is ready to take off.

Autel Dragonfish Standard Unboxing

Large fixed-wing UAV with vertical take-off and landing capability--Dragonfish 

Although the Dragonfish is a combination airfoil and multirotor, it is a VTOL model — that is, a vertical takeoff and landing drone that doesn’t need a runway to take off. 5 seconds to complete the self-test, press a button to start flying, and then vertically ascend. Using this type of drive reduces the risk of equipment damage, doesn't require much space, and is easier to fly than a classic wing that requires hours of training before launch.

Autel Dragonfish Standard Accessory--DG-T3 Camera

Autel Dragonfish Standard with DG-T3 Camera

The Autel Dragonfish Standard in this test is equipped with the DG-T3 camera, which features a sensor with 20x optical zoom and AI capabilities, a 640×512 thermal camera, and a 12-megapixel RGB wide-angle camera. An efficient AI system supports a 20x zoom camera, allowing you to follow objects indicated by the pilot. In this mode, the drone hovers over objects at an altitude of our choice, but it can also hover anywhere. Hover functionality in such solutions is a long-awaited feature by users. It reduces the need to focus on operations and improves the operational capabilities of the flight itself.

Other cameras available for Dragonfish are the DG L50T model with 50x optical zoom, 1280×1024 pixel thermal imaging camera, laser rangefinder, and RGB wide-angle camera.

In addition, there are cameras with multispectral sensors - DG M1 and cameras with 20x optical zoom sensors, 640×512 thermal imaging cameras or 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 cameras. In total 6 different cameras are available tailored to customer requirements.

Autel Dragonfish Standard flight time

Autel Dragonfish Flight-time

The Autel Dragonfish Standard advertises a flight time of 126 minutes, with final flight times depending on weather conditions and drone flight patterns. Flight time is reduced when the drone is hovering and all rotors are working. When hovering or flying in a straight line with the Dragonfish Standard, the four rotors have a limited operating range, which means longer flight times. Dragonfish Lite allows you to fly for up to 81 minutes and Dragonfish Pro allows you to fly for up to 158 minutes.

Autel Ground Control Station for Autel Dragonfish

Dragonfish 9.7" 1000nit Autel Ground Control Station

The drone is controlled using the included control station, which features a large 1000-nit high-brightness screen (9.7 inches). The controller has a built-in app for flight path planning and using AI functions related to tracked objects. At any point in flight, you can change its mode and start manual control. Performing a flight in manual mode is not much different from controlling a classic multi-rotor aircraft, the drone responds quickly to commands from the pilot and allows for a fast and smooth flight.

In Conclusion

The premiere of the Autel Dragonfish Standard in Poland went very well, allowing the pilot to quickly familiarize himself with the most important functions of the drone. In addition, Autel Robotics has opened Autel Training Courses for Dragonfish Series, and operators who complete the course will receive Manufacturing Certified Operator (MCO) certification.

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