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Autel Dragonfish

Autel Dragonfish: Multifunctional Vtol Fixed-Wing Drone

Autel Dragonfish is an adaptable and versatile VTOL fixed-wing UAV.The Autel Dragonfish Series has three drone models, Autel Dragonfish Lite, Autel Dragonfish Standard, and Autel Dragonfish Pro. The powerful Dragonfish can be used for rescue, inspection and various security roles on land or at sea.

When Was Autel Dragonfish Released?Dragonfish released in ces2021

Autel Dragonfish is available. The Autel Dragonfish was originally slated to go on sale in 2017 and will finally be on display at CES 2021 in Las Vegas from January 7-12. April 2022 The Dragonfish series is available at Autel resellers in the US, namely Dragonfish Standard, Dragonfish Lite and Dragonfish Pro, along with a range of compatible camera payloads.

What Is A DragonFish Drone?

Autel Robotics' Dragonfish is a VTOL aircraft for VLOS missions. Three Dragonfish models offer corporate pilots a variety of battery life options to suit different budgets. The Dragonfish tiltrotor and vertical wing are interactively designed to maximize performance and efficiency. DragonFish features a modular, waterproof, smart and reliable design. Assembled in 5 minutes, out of the box, compatible with multiple camera payloads, suitable for surveying and mapping tasks over large areas.

High-Performance Fixed-wing Drone Dragonfish Series Design And Features

Unprecedented Autel Dragonfish Designdragonfish desgisn

Dragonfish drones are designed to automatically switch from multi-rotor mode to fixed-wing mode under adverse flight conditions, thanks to Dragonfish's unique Tilt-rotor design. The Dragonfish in fixed-wing mode will better balance aerial flight, as well as vertical take-off and landing.

Despite its size, the Dragonfish drone is a detachable drone that fits easily in the trunk of a car and is also suitable for novice drone pilots, and can be assembled without any tools, Self-check flight.

Does Autel Dragonfish need maintenance? No, it's designed to be maintenance-free as Dragonfish requires no oil changes. Autel Dragonfish is one of the high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft, and its noiseless motor design makes the UAV an ideal platform for high-altitude reconnaissance missions.

The Autel Dragonfish aircraft is certified to the IP43 standard. The fuselage is composed of a composite shell and carbon fiber, and it can travel freely in complex environments.

Autel Dragonfish Seriesdragonfish size

The Dragonfish Pro weighs 14.5 kg, provides a flight time of 180 minutes at an altitude of 6,000 meters, and has a maximum payload of 2.5kg.

The Dragonfish Stanard weighs 7.5 kg, has a flight altitude of 6000 m, provides a flight time of 120 minutes, and can carry a payload of 1.5 kg.

The Dragonfish Lite weighs 4.5 kg, has a maximum flight time of 75 minutes, can fly at an altitude of 4,000 meters, and can carry a payload of 1 kg.

Dragonfish Pro's long battery life and payload capability are ideal for applications in energy, mining, defense and surveillance.

Autel Dragonfish's Navigation AutonomyAutel Dragonfish VTOL Drone

GPS drones, the Autel Dragonfish Series have redundant flight safety features that will use the GPS signal to automatically return home in the event of a loss of communication between the drone and the pilot.

Strong anti-interference ability, dual redundant controller area network (CAN) bus communication protection, Autel Dragonfish not only has strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability, but also can monitor the control surface and motor status in real time.

Battery warning, Dragonfish automatically returns when battery reaches threshold limit. Once the battery level drops to 15%, the drone will automatically land when the pilot does not take any return command.

Sensors on Dragonfish VTOL drones

Dragonfish drones can carry dual-sensor, triple-sensor and multispectral payloads as well as third-party payloads. The standard high-resolution camera sensor offers up to 4K 50x optical zoom, 1280×1024 infrared resolution, and a laser rangefinder that can be mounted on a three-axis stabilized gimbal under the fuselage.

The Dragonfish Series has backup modules for the battery, barometer, positioning system, compass and inertial measurement unit (IMU) to ensure the safety of the aircraft.

Modular payload options enable drones to perform surveillance, investigation, suspect tracking and evidence gathering missions.


This versatile fixed-wing VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) drone is a great addition to your professional drone fleet. The Dragonfish can be used in complex situations, carrying payloads up to 40 lbs, even in temperatures as low as -22°C, deep into hazardous areas. The best aerial reconnaissance drone, ideal for expedition missions.

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