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Autel MAX 4T Arrival Unboxing Inspection

Autel MAX 4T Unboxing

We have brought good news to all users who are concerned about Autel MAX 4T. Autel MAX 4T has arrived and is expected to be shipped by the end of April.We have opened EVO MAX 4T pre-orders, and now pre-order customers can get their EVO MAX 4T first.

Autel MAX 4T: 2023 Top Multi-Drone Mapping

Multi-Drone Mapping max 4t
AUTEL MAX 4T is the best commercial drone of the 2023 TOP multi-drone surveying and mapping. Augel Max 4T uses the first A-MESH system to achieve independent communication, connection and collaboration between multiple drones. Machine test and drawn task.

Autel MAX 4T RTK Review

Autel EVO MAX 4T RTK Drones
RTK technology has revolutionized the drone industry, and more and more commercial drones are approaching RTK drones. The Autel MAX 4T RTK is a top-of-the-line drone that provides high-precision aerial mapping, a technology that engineers can use to deliver accurate and reliable results.

Autel MAX 4T Multiple Mission Types

evo max 4t missions
Autel MAX 4T, as a leading semi-autonomous drone among commercial drones, has excellent mission planning capabilities. MAX 4T can perform Spiral Mission, Vertical Scan, Corridor Mission, Polygon Mission, Terrain Follow, and Rectangular Mission.

Autel MAX 4T Multi Camera Drones Enhanced Live View

Autel MAX 4T Drone
Autel MAX 4T is the latest commercial drone launched by Autel Robotics. It is famous for its ultra-high performance flight characteristics and powerful camera. The camera gimbal of Autel MAX 4T consists of three high-quality cameras plus a laser rangefinder. No one can imagine what this great high-definition camera drone can achieve!