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Autel MAX 4T Drone for Jungle Adventure and Forest Rescue

Autel MAX 4T Drone for Jungle Adventure and Forest Rescue

Autel MAX 4T is a high-end drone with an advanced obstacle avoidance system that enables it to fly in complex environments, such as woods. In this article, we will introduce the Autel MAX 4T's obstacle avoidance system and provide some suggestions for flying in the woods.

Autel MAX 4T's obstacle avoidance system

First of all, the obstacle avoidance system of Autel MAX 4T is realized based on a variety of sensor technologies, including lidar, vision sensor, GPS and inertial navigation system. These sensors can sense obstacles around the drone in real time and automatically adjust the flight path to avoid obstacles.

Autel MAX 4T is the first commercial drone that combines millimeter-wave radar technology with binocular vision sensing technology, which greatly improves the detection range of MAX 4T drone, and can detect objects as small as 0.5 inches. This provides a stronger guarantee for obstacle avoidance flight in the woods.

Autel MAX 4T Design

Drones face many challenges when flying through the woods. Trees come in all shapes and heights, making it difficult for drones to accurately measure the distance and height of their surroundings. Additionally, light conditions in the woods can vary widely, which can affect the drone's vision sensors. So the key to flying in the woods is caution and patience.

Here are some suggestions for flying in the woods:

Autel MAX 4T No Blind Spots

Before taking off, make sure the drone and remote controller are fully charged, and set up a flight plan and altitude restrictions.

Before flying, observe your surroundings and check for obvious obstacles or hazard areas. During the flight, stay alert and be aware of your surroundings at all times.

During the flight, use the automatic obstacle avoidance function and set an appropriate obstacle avoidance distance. In this way, the drone can automatically avoid obstacles in the woods.

Autel MAX 4T Forest Rescue

If the drone encounters difficulties, such as not being able to perceive the surrounding environment correctly or encountering an abnormal situation, immediately use the manual control mode and land the drone safely.

After the flight, check the drone and equipment for damage, and for sufficient power. At the same time, review the recordings and videos during the flight so that you can prepare for the next flight.

Forest rescue with Autel MAX 4T

Autel MAX 4T Forest fly

Thanks to the advanced obstacle avoidance system, Autel MAX 4T can move freely in the woods. But at the same time, the MAX 4T drone also has an advanced visual perception system and a high-resolution thermal imager.

The camera gimbal of Autel MAX 4T includes wide-angle camera, telephoto camera, thermal imager and laser rangefinder. The telephoto camera can shoot 8k 10x zoom video, the wide-angle camera can record clear 4k high-definition video, and the resolution of the thermal imager can reach 60*512@30fps.

Autel MAX 4T Camera

The portable and compact drone is not limited by space and region. Autel MAX 4T is not only a bird looking down in the air, but also an expert in flying close to the ground. Drones can go deep into the mountains to inspect forest fire hazards, find lost people for rescue, quickly inspect the mountains, and record precious wild animal portraits at night. MAX 4T is dustproof and waterproof, and it can drive without hindrance even in dewy and wet environments.

The Last Words

Overall, the Autel MAX 4T's obstacle avoidance system makes flying in the woods safer and easier. However, drone flying in the woods still requires caution and attention to the surrounding environment. By following the above recommendations, we can better protect our drones and surroundings, and enjoy a safe flying experience.

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