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Autel MAX 4T with Laser Rangefinder To Perform Water Rescue

Autel MAX 4T with Laser Rangefinder To Perform Water Rescue

Autel MAX 4T is the first commercial drone with a laser rangefinder among Autel drones. The laser rangefinder is a good additional option, which will better determine the subject and complete the task in inspection and rescue missions.

The laser rangefinder of Autel MAX 4T is integrated into the camera gimbal, so there is no need to replace the load. The laser range finder can calculate and accurately locate the accurate distance and height of the subject or object, so as to detect life more accurately in rescue missions.

Autel MAX 4T PTZ Camera w/Laser Rangefinder

In water rescue missions, the laser range finder is the perfect choice for first responders police or any responder who wants to pinpoint the location and then coordinate the exact distance and altitude with the ground crew, which increases the probability of a successful water rescue mission by more than 30%.

Water rescue missions often come from surfing at the beach, accidentally falling into the water, and wild swimming in reservoirs. In the scorching summer, there are always such a group of kite surfers playing wantonly on the beach, but lifeguards must always be vigilant to avoid accidents of falling into the water and drowning.

kite surfer

Autel MAX 4T comes with thermal imager, laser range finder, zoom camera, wide angle camera. Therefore, EVO MAX 4T can fully pay attention to the kite surfers on the coast, and immediately send out an alarm and coordinate with the ground crew when these people fall and get entangled in some kind of trouble.

With wind speeds up to 27 mph (12 m/s) and triple jamming properties, the Autel MAX 4T is free to fly by the sea. But with slightly bigger waves or at night, it can certainly be challenging.

kite surfer watched by max 4t w/laser rangefinder

Autel MAX 4T can realize three-screen display, and thermal image and RGB image can be viewed at the same time in the Autel Enterprise App interface. Autel MAX 4T is the same as Autel EVO II 640T, thermal imaging resolution is 640*512, 30fps refresh rate, 10 kinds of thermal color palettes, can fully view the distressed by the sea and quickly give rescue!

The laser rangefinder of Autel MAX 4T is able to target moving objects, even if the kite surfer is always swinging from side to side, turning forward and so on. Use the range finder to select a kite surfer, and the screen will always display the kite surfer's RNG distance in real time.

Autel MAX 4T Infrared Screen Ranging Kitesurfer

Suitable for distances of up to 1200m, this rangefinder is so accurate it can give you a GPS location, just like we are looking for, to help coordinate any emergency operations.

Autel MAX 4T is excellent for water rescue missions. The laser rangefinder provides perfect distance measurement. Even if it is an object moving on sea level, you can quickly lock it and accurately locate the data. If you are serving the rescue cause, then, Don't miss the Autel MAX 4T.

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