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Autel EVO Max 4T Hot-Swappable Batteries

Autel EVO Max 4T Hot-Swappable Batteries

Autel EVO Max 4T brings powerful technology and advanced autonomy to users. EVO MAX 4T has three high-quality cameras and a range finder, and is equipped with a specific self-heating battery, allowing the aircraft to fly safely in environments as low as -10°C.

Note: The EVO Max series (V1.6 or later) provides a hot-swappable battery function, and battery hot replacement has been officially enabled.

Today, we will tell everything about the Autel EVO Max 4T Hot Swap Battery in this article!

Autel EVO MAX 4T

What is hot swapping?

Hot swap (Hot Swap) refers to plugging in or out of the system without turning off the power of the system without affecting the normal operation of the system, thereby improving the reliability of the system. Rapid maintenance, redundancy and timely recovery from disasters, etc.

Drone batteries are one of the specific important components of drones. Different drone manufacturers will set different drone battery safety locking technologies. At the same time, every drone user should pay attention to whether the drone battery is original or authentic, which is important to ensure the safety of your drone's flight status.

Hot-swapping often causes severe current or voltage fluctuations. Therefore, configuring hot-swappable batteries for drones requires a very scientific and rigorous protection circuit design to avoid the possibility of damage or burnout of the drone’s battery charging chip.

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Autel EVO Max 4T Battery Specification

Capacity 8070mAh
Nominal voltage 14.88V
Charging limit voltage 17.0V
Battery Type Li-Po 4S
Energy 120Wh
Charging ambient temperature 5~45℃
Maximum charging power 247W

How to use this feature?

Enter the homepage of the Autel Enterprise app, and choose Settings > Battery. In the Battery Information section, enable Hot Swap Battery. Once enabled, your drone will automatically change to low power mode after you pull out the battery.

With no battery in place, the working drone is charged by the built-in supercapacitor, which may support for around 30s (at 77℉). Therefore, change the battery as soon as you can. Additionally, do not use this feature when it is colder than 14℉.

Autel EVO Max Series Battery information

How long does it take to charge the built-in supercapacity?

The supercapacity starts charging as soon as you power on the drone, and it typically takes 10 minutes to fully charge. If the supercapacity is not fully charged or the drone is not on missions, you will have less than 30s to replace the battery or swapping may not succeed at all.

A hot swap uses more battery power than a cold swap and thus may shorten flight time, so you are not advised to perform hot swapping repeatedly.

Do I need to leave this feature on?

You can leave this feature on if you are planning for a longtime mission.


Additional Features of Autel EVO Max 4T Battery

The following additional features protect and extend battery life.

The battery has a self-heating function, and in a low temperature environment:
• After inserting the aircraft and turning on the battery, if the battery temperature is lower than 10°C, the self-heating function will be activated
Yes, the self-heating function of the battery will be automatically turned off after the aircraft takes off. Note that when the battery temperature
Below -10°C, the aircraft will not be allowed to take off, it is recommended to wait until the self-heating is over before operating

• If the battery is not inserted into the aircraft, short press the power button and then long press the power button for 3 seconds to start the aircraft
Automatic self-heating function, the final battery temperature will remain between 15°C and 20°C. battery protection
Warm time is about 30 minutes. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds during the heating process to exit the battery
Heating function.

• When the battery is in the state of heating and keeping warm, the state of the battery level indicator flashes as shown in the figure.

•Storage self-discharge protection: If the battery is stored in a high temperature environment or not used for 6 days
High, the self-discharge protection will activate. The battery will automatically discharge to a safe level. This is silent
default settings, and the discharge process takes 2-3 days. Although there is no indication that the battery is in a self-discharge cycle,
However, you may notice that the battery is slightly warm, which is normal. discharge threshold can be used
Autel Enterprise App for customization.

• Low battery protection: If the battery is low, the battery will automatically enter sleep mode to prevent over-discharge.
In this mode, the battery does not respond when the power button is pressed. To wake up the battery, connect it to the charger.

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