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Multi-Drone Mapping max 4t

Autel MAX 4T: 2023 Top Multi-Drone Mapping

Autel Robotics first released the Autel MAX 4T in 2023, a leading commercially available UAV drone that enables autonomous communication, connection and collaboration among multiple UAV drones with the help of the new A-Mesh system. In this article we will illustrate a multi-drone mapping application demonstration.

Autel MAX 4T is more suitable for commercial organizations and public safety departments. This drone has multiple body sensors, advanced camera imaging system, long battery life and omnidirectional obstacle avoidance. More importantly, it is capable of performing semi-autonomous drone missions.

How does A-MESH 1.0 networking technology work?

The A-MESH 1.0 networking technology of Autel Max 4T drone is a technology for mutual communication between UAV drones, which can improve the communication and control capabilities of UAV drones in complex environments.

A-MESH 1.0 networking technology utilizes the signal transmission capability of the drone itself to form a network composed of multiple nodes during networking. UAV drones can transmit data such as position information, images and control signals to each other, so as to realize intelligent flight and cooperative control. This networking technology can also enhance the anti-interference ability of drones in signal interference environments and ensure the reliability of communication.

In the A-MESH 1.0 networking technology, each drone acts as a node, and these nodes are connected to each other to form an adaptive, self-organizing, and dynamically changing network. The data transmission between drone nodes is realized through multi-hop transmission, which can make full use of the drone's own signal transmission capability and flight height, so as to achieve longer distance and higher rate data transmission.

max 4t multi-drone mapping

In short, the A-MESH 1.0 networking technology provides more efficient and intelligent control and communication capabilities for the flight of the Autel Max 4T drone, enabling the drone to perform flight control and task execution in a more complex environment.

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Multi-drone application of Autel Max 4T

The Autel Max 4T launched by Autel Robotics is the best performer of multi-drone cooperative control among commercial UAV drones. Autel Max 4T can be controlled autonomously by a single pilot or a group of pilots simultaneously, with or without LTE coverage. At the same time, in multi-drone cooperation, once a drone exits due to failure, the entire system will self-organize independently and continue to transmit key information.

Multi-drone MAX 4T

Multi-drone collaborative surveying and mapping can achieve beyond-the-horizon UAV drone application and greatly improve the efficiency of BVLOS operations. A-Mesh gives command post teams near real-time access to detailed 3D maps of target areas, including terrain analysis and mapping, line-of-sight analysis, elevation mapping, AI-generated optimal paths, and the MAX 4T has a thermal camera capable of superimposing heat maps , to enhance vision and search for invisible areas.

The multi-drone collaborative operation of Autel Max 4T is the first of Autel Robotics and has practical significance. Multi-drone collaborative operation can also be used for more inspections, search and rescue, firefighting, etc., with powerful UAV drone networking functions This can give teams greater insight into the situation, leading to more successful missions.

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