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Autel EVO MAX 4T Drones

Top 10 Features of Autel MAX 4T

Autel launched the best industrial drone platform in 2023: Autel MAX 4T. This new and great product is suitable for first responders, inspectors and surveyors, improving operational efficiency and expanding the application field of drones.

Autel MAX 4T, as a new generation of flagship drone, brings many new features, here we will simplify the key introduction and explain the 10 most exciting features of Autel MAX 4T.

Autel Robotics EVO Max 4T | 2023 Newest Released | Reach New Frontiers

1) UAV drone design

The Autel MAX 4T suit is packed in a hard plastic box. The MAX 4T itself has an IP43 protection level, which is dustproof and rainproof. The wings can be folded to save space, and the fuselage is lightweight. Without a load, the weight of the drone's fuselage is only 1600g, which is less than half of other commercial drones. The maximum take-off altitude can reach 7000 meters, and it can take off quickly in 15 seconds.

2) 720° anti-collision

The Autel MAX 4T is Autel's safest drone platform to date. Six-way dual vision sensor and millimeter-wave radar sensor, the minimum detection range is 0.5 inches of surrounding objects, allowing pilots to fly with peace of mind. The dual vision of MAX 4T adopts fisheye lens, which will further broaden the field of vision and effectively avoid obstacles.

3) Excellent flight performance

Autel MAX 4T achieves the lightness and maneuverability of commercial drones. 15s fast take-off, ascent speed 8m/s, descent speed 6m/s, maximum Horizontal speed over 22m/s, maximum flight time 42 minutes, maximum Wind Resistance 27 mph. The MAX 4T features hot-swappable batteries for quick battery swaps for increased efficiency, deploying and reaching targets faster than ever before.

4) Autonomous missions

The autopilot technology of Autel MAX 4T is very advanced. EVO Max 4T can autonomously evaluate the complex environment to create a real-time 3D flight path. It can also achieve precise navigation in an environment where GPS is denied. At the same time, AI recognition technology will also help Autel MAX 4T to conduct more accurate object recognition and tracking.


5) Redundancy features

Safety and reliability are the cornerstones of Autel MAX 4T as a leading commercial drone. Autel MAX 4T has a range of redundant features to ensure safety in the event of damage or emergency. The EVO MAX 4T has duplicates of most sensors including extra accelerometer, barometer, IMU, RTK antenna and is one of Autel's safest and most reliable drones. At the same time, Autel MAX 4T can also receive task assignments from Autel Skycommand Center through EVO NEST, and use AES256 for encrypted data storage!

6) Multiple mounts

Autel MAX 4T adopts a three-axis gimbal design, and the gimbal camera includes a telephoto camera, a thermal imager, a wide-angle camera and a laser rangefinder. The camera gimbal of EVO MAX 4T is a powerful guarantee for capturing accurate data on the ground. Autel MAX 4T also has alternative load options on the top of the drone, including RTK accessories, Loudspeaker, strobe, and Spotlight. Autel MAX 4T's powerful camera capability and replaceable load capability can support application in various scenarios and mission deployments!

7) Introducing Autel Enterprise App


Autel MAX 4T has a new drone remote control Autel Smart Controller V3 and Autel drone software Autel Enterprise App, Autel Enterprise App has a newly designed interface, using Autel Skylink 3.0 transmission system, the longest transmission distance can reach 20 kilometers. Autel Enterprise App supports four transmission frequency bands, and the transmission quality can reach 1080P@30FPS.

8) A-Mesh 1.0 system

The Autel MAX 4T is the first drone for commercial drones that can work collaboratively with drone fleets. The EVO Max 4T features a new A-Mesh system that enables autonomous communication, connection and collaboration between drones. The UAV fleet system has strong anti-interference and is suitable for over-the-horizon operations

For over-the-horizon applications, multiple UAVs can be autonomously controlled by one pilot or a group of pilots at the same time, enhancing the range.

9) Triple anti-interference technology

Data security is a must for commercial drones, and the EVO Max 4T uses advanced flight control modules and algorithms designed to combat RFI, EMI, and GPS spoofing. This enables the EVO Max 4T to confidently fly near high interference areas such as power lines, critical structures and complex areas. EVO Max 4T is able to achieve precise navigation in an environment where GPS is denied, leading commercial drones.

10) EVO NEST remote operation

Autel Robotics released EVO NEST and EVO Max 4T at CES 2023. EVO NEST is a machine nest specially built by Autel Robotics for EVO II V3 and Max 4T. It can be used for drones to take off and land, let the command post issue remote tasks, etc. !

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