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Autel MAX 4T Smart Functions

The Autel MAX 4T Smart Functions Introducing

Autel MAX 4T, Autel's flagship commercial drone platform, was launched at CES 2023. It has a flight time of up to 42 minutes, 720° obstacle avoidance, a semi-automatic drone with multi-camera sensors, and reliable intelligent flight functions, reshaping the way of working for enterprises.

Three Smart Features of Autel MAX 4T

3D map planning*

autel evo max 4t 3D Mapping

Plan, create and execute 3D waypoint mission plans on the 3D map.

The 3D map planning performed by drones is inseparable from the image capture capability of high-quality cameras and the ranging range of sensors. drone 3d Mapping is also often used for ground photogrammetry and drone mapping.

Quick Task*

autel evo max 4t Quick Mission

Temporary quick tasks can be created while other tasks are in progress, and multiple subtasks can be stacked for added flexibility.

The MAX 4T is a unique and leading commercial drone. Even when drone missions are being executed, quick missions can be temporarily created, tasks can be stacked, and drone missions can be executed sequentially!

Mission Reproducibility*

autel evo max 4t Mission Reproduction

After activating this feature, perform manual or semi-automatic tasks, or string multiple tasks together. The EVO Max4T will automatically record the camera angle and replicate the mission you just flew.

It is inevitable and effective for drone autonomous surveying and mapping tasks to replace traditional repetitive manual execution. After setting the flight mission for the drone MAX 4T, the drone can repeatedly take pictures and measure multiple points according to the established route to achieve accurate measurement.

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