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VTOL Drone for Sales

VTOL Drones For Sale | Multi-Field Application

VTOL Drones are usually multi-rotor drones, VTOL stands for Vertical Takeoff and Landing. This type of drone can take off, hover and land vertically like a helicopter.

While vertical take-off UAVs were previously designed for commercial or military use for inspection and surveillance missions, large VTOL UAVs are capable of carrying complex payloads such as lidar or synthetic aperture or dual surveillance cameras such as thermal imaging. and night vision camera systems) and perform long-range missions in extreme conditions.

The most common multi-rotor drones for sale are quadcopter drones, which also have VTOL capabilities and are also widely known as consumer drones.

What Are The Advantages Of VTOL Drones?

Drones with VTOL capability have the advantage of efficient maneuverability. The ability to stabilize hover. The ability to take off and land in strong winds. The minimum horizontal space required to launch a VTOL aircraft compared to fixed-wing aircraft that require a runway or large open space.

How Much Does A VTOL Drone Cost?

VTOL aircraft are often very versatile consumer drones, and a high-quality consumer drone typically costs $800. Recommend the best camera drone under $1000: Autel EVO Nano+. For commercial VTOL UAVs, there are multi-rotor UAVs and fixed-wing UAVs, and the price of such enterprise UAVs will be higher. Autel's most expensive enterprise drone with VTOL capability: the Autel Dragonfish costs $100,000.

What Is A Dragonfish Drone?

Dragonfish gets the job done right out of the box, including powerful AI tracking and multiple modular payload options. Up to 180 minutes of battery life (including payload) further enhances the Dragonfish's powerful mission capabilities and puts it well ahead of the competition.Autel Dragonfish: Multifunctional Vtol Fixed-Wing Drone

Dragonfish is a special hybrid VTOL, tilt-rotor design, a combination of fixed-wing and multi-rotor drones that will automatically switch to fixed-wing mode under extreme conditions. Read More:Autel DragonFish User Manual Download

What Are The Advantages Of VTOL Drones?

VTOL drones are used in many fields, such as surveying, mapping; mining, agriculture; research and environmental monitoring; construction; inspection and surveillance; firefighting, anti-epidemic transportation. Compared with traditional fixed-wing UAVs, VTOL UAVs are more maneuverable and have wider application fields.

VTOL UAV applications are often based on enterprise UAVs. Compared with traditional aerial photography UAVs, such UAVs can realize aerial deployment solutions in more fields, optimize labor and material costs, and improve operational efficiency.

VTOL Drones For Sale In Public Safety and Rescue

VTOL Drones For Sale In Public Safety and Rescue

In public safety and rescue, enterprise drones can often arrive at the scene as soon as possible and provide timely feedback on the scene. Public safety includes city patrols, large disaster sites, traffic safety, border security, coast patrol, and more. The drone can remotely monitor the screen and feedback the situation, so as to carry out rescue in time.

This type of drone has also become a police-type drone. The police department purchases corporate drones for patrol and search and rescue operations to facilitate further search and rescue operations.

VTOL Drones For Sale In Fire

VTOL Drones For Sale In Fire

The field of fire protection is a major aspect of the use of VTOL drones. In the field of firefighting, thermal drones can record thermal data in the air, and at the same time synthesize thermal analysis charts in the software to help firefighters accurately deploy police forces at the fire scene and rescue people.

At the same time, the firefighting of high-rise buildings also brings new possibilities for the introduction of firefighting drones. The flexibility and maneuverability of VTOL drones are suitable for high-rise building fire rescue scenarios.

VTOL Drones For Sale In Surveying and Mapping

VTOL Drones For Sale In Surveying and Mapping

The introduction of VTOL drones in the surveying and mapping industry has brought about a dramatic change. Enterprise drones are often used for land surveying and mapping, and have a wide range of applications in energy, mining, agriculture, construction sites, etc. Surveying and mapping drones often use RTK drones, which can accurately determine the location, Generate a refined data map, which is convenient for surveyors to carry out a comprehensive deployment plan.

VTOL Drones For Sale In Inspection and Patrol

VTOL Drones For Sale In Inspection and Patrol

Inspection and patrolling are one of the most common uses of VTOL drones, including house inspection, power inspection, forestry inspection, etc. The deployment of VTOL drones helps in autonomous detection and early warning, timely detection of possible problems and hidden dangers, corrections, and mitigation trouble.

During house inspection, problems such as walls and water pipes can be found; electricity inspection can greatly reduce labor costs and operate quickly; during forestry inspection, animals and plants, as well as forest poaching and wildfire warnings can be found to reduce hidden dangers.

VTOL Drones For Sale In Shipping

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, drone services have provided logistical support for the distribution of objects. Compared with the high cost of helicopters, VTOL drones have become more popular due to their short-range and high timeliness, and drone delivery services have become popular. As an emerging intelligent express delivery technology, the Amazon drone delivery service is constantly expanding the scope of delivery. Not only can drone delivery services be provided on retail websites, but logistics drones also facilitate the delivery of medical items during the epidemic.

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