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Thermal Inspection of Enterprise Drones

Thermal Inspection of Enterprise Drones

Enterprise drones are one of the fastest growing drones in the drone market. Due to the characteristics of commercial drones, a large number of public utilities and private individuals are likely to use thermal imaging drones. Thermal imaging drones rely on thermal images to accurately detect and highlight problems, enabling drone operators to rely on data to make informed and timely judgments.

Thermal imaging drone services are available for professional inspections, providing thermal images for professional decision-making. Among enterprise drones, thermal imaging drones are often a combination of visible light cameras and thermal imagers, and some commercial drones are equipped with two cameras at the same time.

In the thermal inspection service, drones are light and fast, give full play to their autonomy, improve inspection progress and safety, and share data remotely to help decision-making.

Drone Thermal Image Service

Infrared thermal images from drones are designed to aid in further inspection, timely detection of problems and assessment of potential problems and impacts that may exist in the future. Among the Autel drones, the Autel EVO II Dual 640t is a powerful thermal imaging drone with an 8k visible light camera and a 640*512 FILR thermal imager that enables you to capture highly detailed images for optimal insight.

Thermal Image Home Inspection

Autel Robotics EVO II Dual Camera drone infrared Thermal Imaging

Thermal image house inspection is one of the frequently used scopes in UAV thermal inspection for indoor inspection. Aerial thermal infrared inspection services for residential properties include finding heat leaks, water damaged areas, and collecting valuable data for repairs.

Thermal Image Roof Inspection

Thermal Image Inspection Roofs are also where thermal imaging drones come into full play. Use infrared drone imagery to inspect roof elements, including top membranes, flashing, metal edges, and more, for heat leaks, cracked walls, exposed broken pipes, moisture damage, or other issues.

Infrared Solar Panel Inspection

evo ii dual 640t Thermal Inspection

In large industrial areas, inspection of solar panels is complex and cumbersome. Thermal imaging drones serve this job well. In drone thermal inspection, use industry-leading thermal imaging technology and infrared drone cameras to find and replace damaged panels for an instant return on investment.

Agricultural Infrared Detection

In recent years, agricultural drones have begun to grow and develop. Thanks to the remote control and high-definition image transmission of drones, farmers will become more trouble-free and worry-free. Advanced infrared thermal imaging drones use RGB and multispectral cameras to assess crop quality and understand crop health for a complete orthomosaic view of your field.

Thermal Image Electrical Inspection

evo ii dual 640t Thermal Image Electrical Inspection

Due to the sensitivity of thermal imaging drones to light and heat, drones can also be used for inspections of electrical facilities. Outdoor high-voltage line inspection often requires a lot of labor costs. When using thermal imaging drones to inspect substations and outdoor electrical facilities, overheated areas can be detected in time and component failures can be prevented.

Forest Fire Prevention

Thermal Image Police Service

In forest fire prevention, thermal imaging drones can rush to the scene of the disaster area as soon as possible, and use the aerial perspective to detect the fire source and the scope of spread, so that the fire brigade can suppress the fire scope in a timely manner and rescue disaster relief.

Thermal Image Police Service

Thermal imaging drones will become more sensitive at night, and thanks to thermal images, drone search and rescue will become very useful. In the night and low light environment, the visible light camera is no longer clearly visible, and the infrared camera and thermal imager fully play their role to capture the heat source and infrared light, which can timely
Determine the location of personnel, discover and arrange deployment in time.

Custom Request

For professional thermal imaging drone operators, sufficient driving experience and the ability to process data can allow thermal imaging drones to work according to project needs. The thermal inspection of the drone is comprehensive and detailed, and operators can derive decision-making data from the detailed infrared imagery.

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