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Emergency Response Drones

Autel Enterprise Drone Launches Emergency Response Plan

Drones continue to be proven to play a leading role in emergency response and deployment solutions in the field of public safety. Commercial drones not only pursue technological progress and technological innovation, but also provide the possibility for in-depth industry development.

Autel enterprise drones, as the leading industry drones, have successfully performed a large number of drone missions and penetrated into all walks of life. drones have become a rigid need for emergency response services in public safety departments. Autel corporate drones have contributed to fire rescue, field search and rescue, and disaster relief.

Advantages of Emergency Response Drones

Disaster response drones support public safety and emergency response management in a variety of ways, and can autonomously complete routes, complete tasks with maximum efficiency, reduce personnel injuries, and make full use of public resources.

  • Provides near real-time data for field decision making
  • Provide data to support situational awareness
  • Supports work in hazardous locations and protect the personal safety
  • Strong coverage to reach into remote and hard-to-reach areas
  • Make full and effective use of public security personnel and resources
  • Provide technical support. Thermal and Infrared Scanning

Autel Enterprise Drone For Fire Rescue

Enterprise Drone for Fire Rescue

Fire rescue is a major direction in the construction of enterprise drones. In cities, corporate drones are often not suitable due to no-fly zone restrictions and the density of people and floors. Autel enterprise drones are commonly used in emergency response to wild forest fires. The drone has a wide field of vision and high visibility. The thermal imager can clearly perceive the fire source information range, monitor fire conditions, find high-temperature fire points, investigate dangerous objects near the fire, and help firefighters pinpoint and orientate forest fires to eliminate hidden dangers.

Autel Enterprise Drone For Search and Rescue In The Wild

Enterprise Drone for Field Search and Rescue

In the field of search and rescue, enterprise drones can overcome complex terrain and landform structures with excellent maneuverability and flexibility, speed up time-consuming manual searches, and locate survivors. When conducting search and rescue missions, especially at night, the Autel Enterprise drone will be several times more capable than other enterprise drones. Accurate infrared induction thermal imaging, high-definition camera, and long battery life all increase the odds of winning the success of search and rescue personnel.

Emergency Rescue Drone Industry Application Solutions

Autel drone emergency industry system solutions can provide multi-rotor drones, vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing drones, and supporting mission loads such as visible light PTZs, cameras, etc. before, during and after disasters, emergency communication command vehicles drone emergency solutions composed of systems such as drone cloud platform, can provide emergency inspection, video detection, emergency mapping and disaster judgment analysis, environmental detection, communication relay, personnel search and rescue, emergency call Lighting, accurate throwing of emergency supplies, to the management of drone emergency inspection operations and other all-round multi-level drone services.

Drone Emergency Response Recommendation--Autel EVO II Dual 640t

 Autel EVO II Dual 640t

One of the great features of the Autel EVO II Dual 640t is that it has an 8k visible light camera and a 640*512 thermal imager. In the night or low light environment, the thermal imager and the visible light camera shoot in the picture-in-picture mode, which will accurately perceive everything in the field of view, and gain more time for forest fire prevention and personnel rescue. The Autel EVO II Dual 640t Enterprise drone can be equipped with Louderspeaker and lights at night to connect with the rescued and accurately locate the location of the person.

Drone Emergency Response Recommendation--Autel Dragonfish

Dragonfish Drones

Autel Dragonfish is a powerful and advanced aerial work platform. Dragonfish can perform a variety of tasks, replaceable loads, tilt-rotor design, and intelligent route mission planning. It is widely used in public safety departments, providing great support for crime fighting, public safety, personnel search and rescue, security patrols, etc.

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