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Enterprise Drones Road Inspection

Enterprise Drones | Road Inspection and Traffic Enforcement

Enterprise drones are different from consumer drones, not only with new capabilities, but also deep into industry services, deploying drone programs to reduce labor costs and mission complexity.

One of the things that corporate drones often do during corporate drone inspections. Enterprise drone inspections span multiple industries, including oil and gas, energy, agriculture, critical infrastructure, roof inspections, public safety, and mining, to name a few. In the development and construction of cities, the inspection and maintenance of public transportation facilities are indispensable, and the deployment of drone plans is conducive to reducing labor costs and complexity of tasks.

Enterprise drones are different from consumer drones in that enterprise drones are more powerful. Supports high resolution camera drones and long battery life. In conducting professional aerial inspections and collecting data, we recommend the Autel EVO II Pro RTK as an industrial inspection drone.

EVO II RTK Drone Specs

The Benefits Of Using Drones For Road Inspections

Drone inspections are a more cost-effective and efficient inspection method that can identify and resolve any issues faster. And become more precise when performing automated, repetitive tasks. Drone inspections for road construction and maintenance are definitely a reliable alternative.

Drone inspection technology has played a major role in rapid road surveying, accurate mapping, time-sensitive land surveying and many more road management activities.

autel enterprise drone for Road Inspection

Fixed Point Image Acquisition

The drones used for inspection will capture a large number of drone images, which will be used to create visual orthomosaics depicting accuracy and detail, as well as oblique photography. Accurate data is used for road development, construction and maintenance.

The strong technical support of drones is inseparable from the support of high-definition cameras. The Autel EVO II Pro RTK features a 1-inch HD camera that captures 20MP still photos and 6k/30fps video. And RTK drones will provide centimeter-level measurement accuracy in land surveying.

Enterprise drones can take hover shots and plan flight path shots. The advanced intelligent planning tasks of enterprise drones are helpful for fixed-point and quantitative image shooting, which brings more advantages to clear image data in the later stage.

Accurate and Comprehensive Data

autel evo ii enterprise Inspection

Due to the good sharpness and perception of drone footage, high-resolution aerial footage is very important for road construction. Drone technology has greatly pushed the technical limits of the construction industry space. 3D road mapping can extract useful information, and the images obtained by drone's rapid retrieval are the key to provide accurate and comprehensive data.

Save Cost and Time

The most significant challenges facing the construction industry and most road construction are time and production costs. The application of enterprise drones can greatly reduce the time of surveying and mapping and optimize production efficiency. Enterprise drones enable fast data collection, fast mapping, and time and cost savings.

Maintenance and Asset Inspection

The road management and maintenance by drones is a brand new process, and drones will continue to be organically combined with various industries to maximize their dynamism. The fast movement and small size of enterprise drones and aerial footage help to easily capture and identify areas in need of repair and provide repair services.

Road Condition Enforcement

Enterprise drones are actively participating in road traffic, conducting aerial detection of vehicle driving conditions and pedestrian travel routes, and reconnaissance and warning of traffic violations. go smoothly. When road traffic is blocked, enterprise drones can rush to the scene to check and help evacuate people, record damaged areas and details, and continuously monitor, inspect and repair deteriorating road conditions. Enterprise drones are also likely to carry small tools and maintenance equipment to the first disaster site.

Enterprise drone inspection is a cost-effective method of inspection, and drones for road inspection serve as the key to sustainable and efficient road construction, highway infrastructure management, bridge inspection, and road management operations.

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