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Autel Dragonfish VTOL Drones

Autel Dragonfish: The Advanced VTOL Drone For Sale

VTOL drones, also known as vertical take-off and landing drones, are typically fixed-wing designs used in commercial, military, surveillance and inspection applications.

VTOL drones are not synonymous with standard fixed-wing drones. In many ways, the application of VTOL technology to fixed-wing UAVs will be more conducive to the expansion of UAV applications. However, not all VTOL drones are fixed-wing drones. Autelrobotic designed the first tilt-rotor VTOL drone to maximize the advantages of Vtol drones.

Is There A VTOL Drone For Sale Here?

Autel Dragonfish tilt-rotor VTOL UAV challenges the VTOL UAV market. Among the many VTOL UAV markets, Autel Dragonfish has been continuously developing and polishing its own characteristics. The VTOL UAVs currently available for purchase include Autel Dragonfish Lite, Autel Dragonfish Standard, Autel Dragonfish Pro.

Dragonfish Series

How Much Does A VTOL Drone Cost?

Intuitively large and bulky, VTOL drones have multiple functions and are often used in large organizational events. Therefore, buyers of VTOL drones should budget for VTOL drones, which is a high-cost investment. Usually a VTOL drone costs tens of thousands of dollars.

What Is A VTOL drone?

As a special form of drone, VTOL can take off, hover and land vertically like a helicopter, thanks to the rotor of the drone. Autel Dragonfish fixed-wing drones create a more efficient and convenient way to take off and land, while being able to carry heavier cameras.

Autel Dragonfish Tilt Rotor Design

Autel Dragonfish Vtol Drones

The fixed-wing UAV is designed like an airliner, which needs to use the runway for takeoff and landing. It is large in size, can carry heavy objects, and has a long-lasting battery life. Multi-rotor UAVs can take off and land vertically and have good wind resistance in the wind.

Autel Dragonfish combines the cruise flight efficiency of a fixed-wing aircraft with the convenient vertical landing of a multi-rotor.

The first look of Autel Dragonfish after assembly is similar to an airliner, but there are also four multi-rotor designs on this drone, which will tilt at the top of the drone's wings, which is what we call tilt The reason for the gyrocopter VTOL drone.

Autel Dragonfish supports disassembly. The whole assembly process takes less than 5 minutes. After the assembly is completed, self-checking is realized in 3 seconds. VTOL Hybrid UAV--Autel Dragonfish has a built-in powerful AI system, which can detect the current environment by itself and realize the switch from fixed-wing to multi-rotor UAV.

How Much Does The DragonFish Drone Cost?

DragonFish is a high-value investment product. DragonFish costs a lot. The three VTOL drones in the DragonFish series have different prices. The Dragonfish Pro is as high as $100,000. If you want to buy a DragonFish VTOL drone, it is recommended to start from the contact us page, consult with customer service, we will answer everything.

Is There An Autel Dragonfish?

The Autelpilot store is a certified reseller of Autelrobotics and we acquire the rights to sell all products to sell Autel Dragonfish to the world. To invest in Autel Dragonfish, please contact the online customer service to obtain first-hand information.

Autel Dragonfish at Autelpilot Shop

Advantages of Autel Dragonfish

DragonFish features a modular, waterproof, smart and reliable design. Tasks work out of the box with AI tracking. In terms of price, the Autel Dragonfish is also more expensive than standard fixed-wing and multi-rotor drones.

    • Interchangeable heads
    • Long battery life, up to 180 minutes
    • Autel Voyager Mission Planning
    • 9.7 inch 1000 nits super bright ground control station
    • Long-distance transmission, up to 30 kilometers
    • Artificial intelligence, various automation functions

      VTOL drones are fairly new systems in the field of unmanned aerial vehicle technology. Autel Dragonfish is a VTOL aircraft that can be used for VLOS missions. It features a tilt-rotor design to maximize performance and efficiency. Autel Dragonfish stands out among the many VTOL drones and is one of the advanced VTOL drones, providing a one-stop solution.

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