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Autel Drones EVO II Power Inspection

Drone Power Inspection and Patrol: Autel Enterprise Drone Applications

Drone inspection has now become an indispensable and important operation and maintenance method in the power industry. The innovation of power inspection is inseparable from the support of drones. The drone power inspection industry is developing rapidly and maturely. Autel drones provide advanced enterprise drone solutions for drone industry applications.

What Power Inspection?

Power inspection refers to the timely and accurate inspection of the operation status of power lines and auxiliary equipment, as well as the environmental conditions around the power line corridor. Safe and reliable operation. The application of enterprise drones to power inspection will simplify the process, reduce the risk of personnel inspection, and make the data more refined.

Advantages Of Enterprise Drone Power Inspection

Drone Power Inspection

Enterprise drones are used for power system line inspections, reducing the failure rate of manual inspections and the cost budget of power companies, and improving the efficiency of power inspections.

The automated inspection of enterprise drones can effectively make up for the limitations of human inspections and manned helicopter inspections, while reducing manual intervention, allowing the system to deeply learn and identify hidden dangers.

Autel enterprise drone inspection supports night operations and improves emergency operation and maintenance capabilities.

When enterprise drones conduct infrared inspections, they can conduct real-time temperature analysis of power grid equipment and quickly identify equipment abnormalities.

When the industry drones perform fault inspection, multi-angle, close-range inspections can quickly locate the fault point and eliminate the fault in time.

The foldable Autel enterprise drone is portable, can take off and land flexibly, and is far less expensive to operate than a manned aircraft.

Commercial UAVs can adapt to complex terrain, obtain high-precision models in mountainous areas, support real-time 3D reconstruction, have high efficiency, and facilitate practical on-site applications.

Autel Enterprise Drone Power Inspection Recommendation--EVO II Pro

Autel EVO II Pro

EVO II Pro is a camera drone with high-definition image imaging, EVO II pro supports 6k resolution video, 1-inch sensor, f/2.8-f/11 adjustable aperture, maximum capture of 20MP still photos, supports a variety of Photo shooting mode. Can be clearly seen in low light environment.

In addition, the drone also has 360-degree omnidirectional obstacle avoidance, a maximum flight time of about 40 minutes, a range of 9 kilometers, and can perform tasks such as route planning and complete autonomous patrols.

Autel Enterprise Drone Power Inspection Recommendation--EVO II RTK Series

Autel Enterprise Drone EVO II Pro RTK

Autel EVO II RTK Series is based on the EVO II series drones with an RTK module added. The RTK module can achieve centimeter-level precise positioning and supports PPK mode. The aircraft can record raw satellite observation data, camera exposure parameters and other various kind of data. The positioning system supports A-RTK base stations and RTK networks, helping to provide stable and accurate data collection in complex operating environments.

EVO II RTK Series covers EVO II Pro RTK and EVO II Dual 640t RTK, both of which are inconsistent in camera parameters. EVO II Pro RTK is an enterprise drone with a high-definition 6k 1-inch camera, EVO II Dual 640t RTK is an enterprise drone with an 8k camera and a 640*512 thermal imager, capable of detecting heat source data, drone pilots Get more support.

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