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Autel Enterprise Drones

Enterprise Drone: The Autel EVO II Enterprise Drone's Surprisingly Expressive

The emergence of enterprise drones is the middle ground between consumer drones and military drones. Enterprise drones are no longer just for photography fun, but are being deployed in some important areas, with more powerful performance and rich features. Professionals can use enterprise drones to go deep into some complex scenarios, alleviate labor costs, reduce the impact of uncertain factors, improve the ability to deploy in the air, and solve problems to the greatest extent.

What Is An Enterprise Drone?

Commercial grade or enterprise grade is more powerful and is built as commercial grade or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). Companies are increasingly relying on the practicality of drones, and as a result, corporate drones are constantly being used in complex work environments in all walks of life to replace cumbersome labor costs.

In commercial drones, a large number of enterprise drones are put into use in different scenarios. Professionals can use the aerial perspective of drones for inspection, use drones for high-precision surveying and mapping, use drones to form thermal images, and bring enterprise drones to energy, industry, mineral inspection, land surveying and mapping, Search and rescue, forest fires, fire rescue, as well as real estate photography, wedding photography and more.

Source: What Is An Enterprise Drone?

Autel Robotics EVO Nano Drone with 10KM 2.7K/30FPS Video Transmission

How To Buy A Enterprise Drones?

In the United States, there are large and small drone dealers, agents, and retailers, which can be purchased in physical stores or online through formal channels. Investing in enterprise drones tends to be expensive, but enterprise drones tend to be more sophisticated and provide higher levels of data capture.

When purchasing a corporate drone, the performance and purpose of the drone is often the first consideration.
If you need a drone capable of generating thermal images, I recommend the Autel EVO II Dual 640t. Check out the related article: Review Autel EVO II Dual 640t: Enterprise Drone with FLIR Dual Camera

If you need an RTK drone capable of high accuracy, I recommend the Autel EVO II RTK series.Spotlight to Autel EVO 2 RTK Benefits

Also, check out our more advanced enterprise drones:

Advantages of Autel Enterprise Drones

Autel enterprise drones are compact and advanced in a foldable design.
Autel enterprise drones can support add-on modules to diversify their functionality.
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Long battery life, high-definition camera, remote image transmission, 6-direction sensing and AI function
Two drones: Autel EVO II Pro Enterprise, Autel EVO II Dual 640t Enterprise.
Third-party expansion, enterprise drones can use smart remote controllers to install third-party applications, give full play to the potential of drones, and provide aerial solutions.
Serving multiple industries. As far as the current user feedback of Autel enterprise drones is concerned, the most common service scenarios are in industrial inspection, public safety, fire rescue and other activities.

Autel enterprise drones set a new standard for commercial drones by combining intelligence with high performance and unparalleled reliability. Advanced drones can not only maintain efficient operation and stable transmission in multiple harsh environments, but also It is equipped with payload configuration to complete mission requirements, and has intelligent functions to control the flight of UAVs and provide excellent situational awareness.

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