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Autel Dragonfish

Dragonfish: Autel Robotics Most Powerful Drone

Dragonfish - Autel's most expensive drone. High-performance drones that explore everything from the air, long battery life, and multiple collaborative combat capabilities, Autel Dragonfish is the leading VTOL drone.

Who Is Dragonfish?

Dragonfish originally refers to an ancient sea creature, fierce and aggressive. Here we name the drone Dragonfish to highlight the powerful mission capabilities of the Autel Dragonfish series of drones.

Who Invented Dragonfish?

Dragonfish, from Autel Robotics, an China drone manufacturing company, is an ideal drone that combines the vertical take-off and landing capabilities of a quadcopter with the endurance of a fixed-wing aircraft. Autel Dragonfish is designed for this.

The R&D team at Autel Robotics claims: Dragonfish's unique tilt-rotor design simplifies operation and maximizes performance and efficiency. Arowana has no complicated moving parts, it is modular, waterproof, intelligent and reliable. Dragonfish gets the job done right out of the box, including powerful AI tracking and multiple modular payload options. The 120-minute battery life (including payload) further enhances the Dragonfish's powerful mission capabilities and is significantly ahead of other VTOL competition.

How Dragonfish Achieved "Subvert Tradition, Command the future"?

Payload Endurance

Autel Dragonfish Series

The Dragonfish series has three drones, namely Dragonfish Lite, Dragonfish Standard, and Dragonfish Pro. Dragonfish Pro has a maximum flight time of 180 minutes, a video transmission distance of 18.6 miles, a maximum speed of 108km/h, and the ability to lift and fly within 5 minutes. null.

Dragonfish Series Technical Parameters

Dragonfish Lite for sale  Dragonfish Standard for sale  Dragonfish Pro for sale 
Dragonfish Lite Dragonfish Standard Dragonfish Pro
SIZE 1600x950x350 mm 2300x1290x460 mm 3040x1650x460 mm
ENDURANCE (WITH PAYLOAD) 75 min 120 min 180 min
MAXIMUM PAYLOAD 1.0 Kg 1.5 Kg 2.5 Kg
WIND RESISTANCE Level 6 (Multirotor); Level 7 (Fixed Wing) Level 6 (Multirotor); Level 7 (Fixed Wing) Level 6 (Multirotor); Level 7 (Fixed Wing)
MAXIMUM HEIGHT 4000 m 6000 m 6000 m
FLYING SPEED 0m/s~17m/s (Multirotor) 17m/s~30m/s (Fixed Wing) 0m/s~17m/s (Multirotor) 17m/s~30m/s (Fixed Wing) 0m/s~17m/s (Multirotor) 17m/s~30m/s (Fixed Wing)
WORKING TEMPERATURE -20°C ~ 50°C -20°C ~ 50°C -20°C ~ 50°C
RTK POSITION ACCURACY 1 cm+1 ppm (Multirotor)
3 cm+1 ppm (Fixed Wing)
3 cm+1 ppm (Multirotor)
3 cm+1 ppm (Fixed Wing)
1 cm+1 ppm (Multirotor)
3 cm+1 ppm (Fixed Wing)
GNSS GPS+GLONASS+Beidou+Galileo GPS+GLONASS+Beidou+Galileo GPS+GLONASS+Beidou+Galileo

Autel Robotics' drones focus on public safety, fire protection, energy, traffic management, agriculture and surveillance applications.

Autel Dragonfish is a high-performance VTOL drone designed to simplify operations while maximizing efficiency: user-friendly, reliable and intelligent. Out of the box, Dragonfish requires only 3 minutes of setup and features a high-spec EO/IR surveillance payload with a laser rangefinder that provides real-time coordinates of target objects. Augmented with AI computer vision for long-range detection and target tracking, with a 180-minute flight time (with payload), the Dragonfish is a powerful drone with advanced capabilities significantly ahead of other VTOL aircraft.

Intelligence and Autonomy

Dragonfish Drones

One of the big selling points of enterprise drones is their intelligence and autonomous capabilities. Compared to the limited aerial photography capabilities of consumer drones, the Dragonfish can complete missions and automatically return home, track objects like stolen cars, hover over points of interest, fly at a constant altitude above the ground below, and complete multipoint missions. All thanks to advanced algorithms that control the drone and make it easier for users to fly the drone.

Safety and Redundancy

Dragonfish As a superior and safe flight platform, Autel takes safety very seriously and creates redundant systems to make Dragonfish as safe as possible. Dragonfish has two batteries, IMU, barometer, compass and GPS RTK module in case one of them stops working, allowing the backup to start. If the drone detects that it is about to stall or cannot continue flying in its current mode, it will change to multicopter mode, which adjusts all propellers to spin vertically to mimic a quadcopter.

Both the control surface and the device have dual CAN bus communication in case one connection fails. The drone also uses artificial intelligence to constantly check its systems throughout the flight in order to detect failures before they occur.

Interchangeable Payload Systems

Payloads Adaptability Z2 T3 T3H L20T L50T
Dragonfish Lite × ×
Dragonfish Standard ×
Dragonfish Pro

Dragonfish currently has three first-party camera payloads as well as the ability for third parties to create compatible payloads. The first of the three payloads is a 4k dual-sensor camera with a 4k 20x optical zoom main camera and a 48-megapixel wide-angle camera. The second is a triple-sensor camera with a 4k 20x optical zoom camera, a 48-megapixel wide-angle camera, and a radiometric thermal imager. The final payload option is the multispectral camera with an RGB 48-megapixel wide-angle camera and five 2-megapixel multispectral sensors.


autel dragonfish control

To control the Dragonfish, Autel Robotics developed Autel Voyager software, which enables advanced mission planning, intelligent tracking, flight history tracking and other autonomous functions. At the same time, Autel Robotics has also created a ground station with a 9.7-inch, 1000-nit display and an antenna capable of delivering a video transmission range of up to 18.6 miles.

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