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Autel Dragonfish Standard First Flight Test

Autel Dragonfish Standard
Autel Dragonfish is a leading VTOL fixed-wing UAV launched by Autel Robotics. Although Autel Dragonfish has appeared in many drone electronics exhibitions, it has discouraged many industry sectors due to its high value cost! Here we take a look at the first flight test of the Dragonfish Standard in Poland by the companies DILECTRO and ACTION S.A.

Autel EVO II V3 Drone Solves Farming Problems

Agricultural UAV drone farmland planning
Agriculture was one of the first industries to adopt drone operations. High-tech drones can conduct aerial inspections, pesticide spraying, farmland planning, and more. Agricultural drones are capable of quickly and efficiently inspecting crop conditions over a wide range. Here we will illustrate the agricultural use case of the Autel EVO II V3 drone.

Supplementary Statement to EVO II V1 & V2 Series Support

EVO II V1 & V2 Series Support
In November of 2022 we updated customers on our EVO II V1 & V2 Series Support after the launch of our new EVO II Series V3 lineup. We received great questions about what this announcement meant for the investments you’ve made in V1 and V2 related to ongoing sales and maintenance services.