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Gimbal Camera Drones Photography

The Importance of Gimbal Camera for Drone Photography

Gimbal camera is one of the necessary drone accessories for most camera drones. The existence of the gimbal camera adds charm to aerial photography, and the shooting stability brings great satisfaction to drone users.

What Is A Gimbal Camera?

In the photography world, a gimbal camera is a handheld device that can be operated by a photographer. Its main purpose is to reduce shaky hand-held footage and provide clean and smooth footage output when shooting things like tracking shots. They have built-in camera mounts and motion detectors to sense any unwanted movement.

The built-in gimbal camera of the camera drone is a combination of gimbal and lens. When taking drone photography, the gimbal will stabilize the shooting of the lens. Even if the drone is flying at a high speed, the gimbal can be reduced. The lens shakes to ensure a smooth picture.

Autel drone gimbal camera

What Is The Use Of The Gimbal Camera?

Since the gimbal controls the movement of the camera in all 3 axes, you can use them for creative purposes, not just to stabilize the camera. For example, you can track objects, take panoramic photos, or capture time-lapse action. Autel drones are stabilized by a three-axis gimbal, and all models of drone gimbal can control the changes in three directions of Pitch, Roll, and Yaw.

Pitch Roll Yaw
gimbal camera pitch
gimbal camera Roll gimbal camera Yaw

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Gimbal Camera?

Undoubtedly, it improves the stabilization of handheld footage. The difference of camera drones also comes from this. High-quality camera drones can not only shoot 4k video, but also have three-axis gimbal stabilization, while low-budget camera drones only have 1080p video resolution and use electronic stabilizers to balance lens shake.

The drone gimbal does not need to be set. After starting the drone, the drone gimbal always follows the flight state to achieve self-adjustment.

Gimbal Camera Drones Shoots

How Much Does A Gimbal Cost?

The gimbal is undoubtedly one of the most expensive accessories for camera drones. For GoPro, as a mountable action camera device, it is expected to cost three or four hundred dollars. The camera head of the drone is usually not removable. The EVO Nano+ is a three-axis gimbal-stabilized camera drone, priced at $949.

The Autel EVO II series drones have interchangeable gimbal payloads, the EVO II drone uses an 8k gimbal, the EVO II Pro uses a 6k gimbal, and the EVO II Dual 640t uses an 8k visible light camera and infrared thermal imager.

Buying a 6k gimbal camera costs $769, and buying an 8k gimbal camera costs $429. Equipped with a 6k camera, the EVO II Pro is currently one of the most popular camera drones for Autel drones.

Autel EVO Lite+ gimbal camera f/2.8-f/11

Is The Gimbal Worth The Camera?

When you need smooth aerial video, consumer drones with gimbal cameras will surprise you. Autel EVO Drones offer aerial image stabilization and ease of use, making the camera gimbal worth the investment, whether you’re a drone beginner or a professional aerial photographer.

Gimbal Camera FOR Drone Photography Tips

  1. Check the drone forecast
  2. Shoot in RAW format
  3. Utilize the thirds grid overlay for composition
  4. Stick to a lower ISO
  5. Take advantage of Auto Exposure Bracketing
  6. Get ready to improvise
  7. Create higher resolution images with panoramic shots
  8. Experiment both aspect ratios (16:9 or 4:3)
  9. Use camera lens filters
  10. Seek out symmetry, patterns, and lines
  11. Play with lights and shadows
  12. Take a drone “selfie”
  13. Watch your shutter speed
  14. Try long-exposure images 
  15. Take precautions to maximize your drone and remote connection

Gimbal Camera Drone Photography

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