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Frequently Asked Questions About Drone Gimbal Cameras

Fascinated by drone aerial photography? How to keep the drone steady for aerial shots? Maybe you need to use a gimbal device.

If you are curious about drone gimbal, or you are planning to buy a drone because you have a gimbal, or you want to buy a gimbal for a drone, or you need a camera drone with a built-in gimbal, you can find it here Learn more in this article.

What Is a Drone Gimbal?

Autel drone gimbal accessories

Gimbal is a support system that allows objects to rotate around a single axis. The drone gimbal moderately keeps the position of the drone camera in the same place, and the movement of the drone will not affect the stability of the camera.

How Does The Drone Gimbal Work?

A gimbal can easily be described as a device that allows an object to remain stable or remain in one place while everything around it moves. Cardan joints are widely used on watercraft such as ships to keep instruments and equipment upright relative to the horizon regardless of the state of motion the vessel is in.

What Are The Parts Of The Drone Gimbal?

The Drone Head is a new and complex piece of equipment that consists of multiple parts working together to provide stunning and impressive drone footage.

  • Drone Gimbal Brushless Motor

Most of the components that make up a drone's gimbal, including the motors, are designed for specific cameras and sensors. Specific components of the drone are not well suited, and drones with unbalanced cameras or gimbal may damage the drone.

Brushless motors typically have four or more magnets mounted on the perimeter of the rotor, shaped like a cross. The power consumption of brushless motors is very high, and the flight time of ordinary consumer camera drones is often about 10 minutes.

  • Drone Gimbal Cameras and Sensors

The built-in gimbal of the camera drone is designed to be very space-saving, and the drone gimbal can be mounted to the gimbal and control unit with suitable screws, cables and brackets.

  • Damping Shock Absorber

Damping shock absorbers are essential to any gimbal. They are responsible for reducing or damping the medium and high vibration frequencies coming from the drone and propagating to the camera, while allowing low frequency plate motion to occur.

The damper is placed between the gimbal and the drone. These dampers can be made of carbon fiber with anti-vibration plates that have 4 rubber balls that are made for the gimbal if done professionally.

  • Drone Gimbal Control Unit (GCU)

The gimbal control unit (GCU) is a small computer that takes data from the gyroscope and uses that data to move the gimbal motors together to point the camera in a certain direction.

The module communicates with the flight control system to assist in controlling the PTZ, and at the same time sends video information to the video downlink for video transmission.

  • Drone Gimbal Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)

Almost all drone heads have built-in inertial measurement units (IMUs). This part uses a programmed algorithm that allows the drone's operator to create almost complete stability with little effort. The component is built in, so no additional wiring is required.

IMUs can measure forces, angular rates and even magnetic fields around objects using accelerometers and gyroscopes. This data allows computers to track the drone's location.

However, the IMU can be misplaced. If it is misaligned, the camera should be fixed to record the horizon with a straight line. If it is not a straight line, there may be a horizontal tilt problem, which can be solved by calibrating the drone's gimbal and IMU.

Are The Gimbal Cameras Of Autel Drones Replaceable?

Autel EVO II series drone cameras are interchangeable. This is an unbelievable bit. Autel EVO drones are a powerful line of camera drones that support high-quality aerial imagery. Autel EVO II series drones can be installed with 6k gimbal camera and 8k gimbal camera. Autel EVO II Pro supports 6k imaging, Autel EVO II Dual 640t supports 8k imaging.

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