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Autel EVO II Pro Gimbal Troublshooting

Drone Gimbal Troubleshooting | A Must-see For Beginners

A drone gimbal failure would be something all drone users don't want to see. Advanced drone cameras are often combined with a gimbal, and a gimbal failure means you may not be able to activate the drone camera to shoot. Here we will discuss the occurrence of gimbal failure and the solution of gimbal failure, taking the advanced drone Autel EVO II Pro as an example.

Autel EVO II Pro

The Autel EVO II Pro is the top-of-the-line Autel consumer drone. More than just a consumer drone, the EVO II Pro is a prototype for the Autel Enterprise, which can be transformed into the Autel EVO II Pro RTK drone, the Autel EVO II Pro Enterprise. The advanced and intelligent EVO II Pro brings new life to the consumer drone market.

Autel EVO II Pro has powerful camera performance, with 1-inch sensor and 20MP camera, gimbal camera in one. Here we will show the Autel EVO II Pro gimbal troubleshooting solution to improve the user experience of Autel drones.

The Autel EVO II Pro uses a three-axis gimbal for stable shooting, which is very necessary for aerial photographers. And once the gimbal of the camera drone shows a malfunction, it will be a bad experience.

Common Faults Of The Gimbal

6k camera gimbal

    • Gimbal overload
    • The drone is underpowered
    • Loose gimbal housing
    • Broken/damaged ribbon cable
    • The gimbal is not calibrated
    • Outdated firmware

      Most drone pilots can fix simple gimbal failures themselves, while others require maintenance or replacement by Autel Robotics.

      Gimbal Overload

      First, if the gimbal is overloaded, a gimbal overload prompt will appear. drone users need to confirm whether the gimbal has been bumped, and whether the gimbal is turned on when the protective cover is removed?

      If the gimbal overload occurs after the gimbal has been bumped, and the gimbal self-check has not been corrected, it is recommended to send it back to the manufacturer for repair.

      Beginners of drones should pay attention to not turning on the power of the drone without removing the gimbal protective cover. You can try turning it off again, removing the protective cover and powering on the drone. Follow the prompts to calibrate the drone gimbal. When calibrating the drone gimbal, eliminate the interference of foreign objects on the drone.

      The Drone Is Underpowered

      The lack of power of the drone and the lack of power of the drone motor and the overload of the drone motor mentioned above are two concepts with different meanings. The motor of the drone gimbal is overloaded, which means that the gimbal takes a lot of effort to maintain the working state of the gimbal, and the motor of the gimbal of the drone is blocked, which is related to the gimbal camera. It will not affect the safe flight of the drone. Mainly check whether the gimbal part has been dropped, whether the gimbal motor is abnormal, whether there is foreign matter stuck, or whether the gimbal motor shaft is deformed.

      If the drone prompts that "the power of the drone is insufficient and the motor is overloaded", this is related to flight safety. Please land immediately and check further, otherwise there is a danger of the plane blowing up.

      A loose gimbal housing can go one of two ways; it can be as simple as adjusting the plate that holds the gimbal under the drone, or it may need to be adjusted or replaced deeper into the machine.

      Loose Gimbal Housing

      Loose gimbal housings can often be resolved by the drone pilot on their own with just a small screwdriver. Maybe a loose screw is causing instability, you can correct it by looking at the specific cause with the naked eye.

      Ribbon Cable/Damage

      If it is said that the ribbon cable inside the drone gimbal is damaged, you may not be able to observe it directly, and it is not recommended for drone users to disassemble the inside of the gimbal camera by themselves. You can return the drone to an Autel drone repair facility for diagnosis and repair by a professional.

      Gimbal Calibration

      Autel EVO II Pro is a high-precision electronic device. If the gimbal of the drone shakes or moves, it will prompt to calibrate the gimbal at the first time on the screen. If the gimbal is not calibrated, it cannot take off.

      To calibrate the drone, simply follow the on-screen prompts in the Autel Explorer App.

      view more: How To Calibrate EVO II Series Drone Gimbal?

      Firmware Upgrade

      Every drone firmware update always brings us new surprises, not just fixes for past problems. Firmware changes to the camera may also cause the drone's gimbal to not work. Keep your drone firmware version up to date to avoid too many mistakes.

      In Conclusion

      Drone pilots fly drones, use drones to shoot, and even make money from drone photography, all of which continue to advance the development of drones. Mastering a wealth of theoretical knowledge of drones is also a necessary step for drone beginners. Fully study the troubleshooting of the gimbal of the drone, and understand all aspects of the camera drone.

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