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The Importance of Gimbal Cameras for Consumer Drones

Drones are developing rapidly. From the initial aircraft to the drones equipped with cameras, to the current drones equipped with gimbal cameras, drone photography has reached a new level. About the drone cloud Taiwan, how much do you know?

Gimbal technology has been around for several years. It is continuing to develop at a very fast pace. Drones benefit greatly from the implementation of the gimbal, and drone photographers use drones with cameras to continuously feed us unbelievably stunning views.

What Is a Drone Gimbal?

A drone gimbal is a support system that provides stability to an object no matter how the object it is attached to moves. Gimbal allows objects to rotate around a single axis. The drone gimbal can be a 1-axis, 2-axis or 3-axis gimbal. The more axes, the more stable the lens, because more brushless motors are working. However, more axles also mean more weight, which in turn reduces flight time.

Why Does Your Drone Need a Gimbal?

Autel Robotics EVO II 8k Gimbal Camera

For drone photography, the flying of the drone always brings a shaky feeling to the picture, which is unavoidable. Drones can perform a variety of flight actions, and if you want the drone to have a beautiful flight attitude, then you have to accept poor shooting results.

The drone gimbal solves this problem. The drone gimbal keeps the drone camera lens stable and not shaking, and the drone pilot can design your drone flight status more without worrying about the picture. Most drone manufacturers are now designing and building drones with built-in gimbal, these consumer drones are designed to be portable, and drone enthusiasts no longer have to worry about adding gimbal accessories.

What Types Of Drone Gimbal Are There?

Most consumer drones have cameras, some camera drones use electronic stabilizers, and some camera drones use gimbal stabilization. Better and more expensive camera drones tend to have a three-axis gimbal, just like the DJI AIR series, Autel EVO series, the more expensive camera drones tend to have more axes to stabilize the footage.

The drone head can be used as a 1-axis, 2-axis or 3-axis system, controlling the tilt, pan and roll angles of the camera respectively. Before choosing what is the right consumer drone for you, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of multi-axis gimbal.

1-axis Gimbal


The biggest advantage of a single-axis gimbal is that it is cheap. The single-axis gimbal has a built-in brushless motor that can only balance the tilt of the camera. But drones can often fly in all directions, and if the camera can only rotate in one direction, it's almost useless!

2-axis Drone Gimbal


Drones with 2-axis gimbal can handle tilt and roll to provide stable, high-quality footage. The 2-axis gimbal can balance 2 directions, and the quality is better than that of the single-axis gimbal. It also provides an additional brushless motor, which is larger than the single-axis gimbal and costs more.

Although the 2-axis gimbal can balance 2 directions, the lack of compensation on the pan axis can create noticeable horizontal jitter or jelly motion when the drone photographer shoots video.

3-axis Drone Gimbal

Autel Robotics EVO Nano Mini Drone Classic Orange Front

The three-axis gimbal balances tilt, pan and roll. Any movement in the space we are in must perform three-axis movements, which can be defined as X, Y, and Z axes. The gimbal will also move in three directions: pitch, roll, and yaw. By correspondingly offsetting the movements in these three directions, the gimbal can be stabilized.

When buying an expensive drone, the drone camera is often equipped with a 3-axis gimbal to provide the smoothest picture. The 3-axis gimbal is equipped with 3 brushless motors, all of which consume battery power, thus reducing the flight time of any drone.

For consumer drones, the power consumption of brushless motors is noticeable. A good drone should have a battery life of more than 20 minutes.

Spherical Gimbal

Traditional mechanical heads generally use damping balls to adjust the angle, which can also be called spherical heads, which are commonly used in camera tripod heads. It can be flexibly rotated like a human neck, but it needs to be controlled by the user in person, and cannot be remotely controlled and moved precisely.

Mechatronic Stabilization Gimbal

The practical application of mechanical and electronic stabilization gimbal and mobile phone gimbal and camera gimbal, etc.

Electronic stabilization, that is, the reverse correction of the photographer's jitter through the motor to achieve a stable effect. Motors with three axes, X, Y, and Z. The movement speed and direction of the drone usually increase by a large amount, which is not suitable for electronic stabilizers.

How Does The Drone Gimbal Work?

The drone head stabilizes your video on three different axes. These are the pitch, yaw and roll axes (pitch, pan and roll).

Yaw (pan) movement is the camera's left-to-right movement (left to right). This is usually a 360 degree movement.


Tilt (tilt) motion is the up and down motion of the camera.


A scrolling motion rotates the camera left or right.


To sum up, the single-axis gimbal only balances the pitch, the two-axis gimbal balances the pitch and roll, and the three-axis gimbal balances the pitch, pan and roll.

Camera Brand Enters Gimbal System For Consumer Drones

Most of the expensive cost of consumer drones comes from drone cameras. The high performance of drone cameras offers unlimited potential for aerial photography. Many camera brands have also begun to enter the drone market, developing their own drones instead of just partnering with drone brands. Canon has also been interested in the consumer drone market since Sony successfully launched Airpeak, which designed a gimbal system for small cameras for small quadcopters.

To buy an entry-level consumer drone, you need a drone with a camera. A consumer drone with three-axis gimbal stabilization would be even better.

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