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Jammers to block ISR drones

Defense: Jammers to block intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance drones

While photography drones are capturing natural beauty in the sky, nasty illegal drones are conducting aerial ISR surveillance. Flying quadcopters is a pleasure, but some people use them as reconnaissance weapons to obtain confidential information.

ISR Drones:  Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance drones.

Aerial reconnaissance is everywhere

Some small reconnaissance drones frequently appear in controlled airspace and key areas such as airports, prisons and industrial facilities. Defense agencies are taking some countermeasures to reduce the threat of such intelligence drones.

These intelligence reconnaissance drones are usually specially designed to be rugged and durable, observe day and night, and have good obstacle avoidance when flying at low altitudes. Some surveillance drones can even be integrated with other sensitive systems to prevent interference and spoofing signals. It becomes difficult to supervise and deal with such surveillance drones.

Jamming ISR Drones

Can drone jammers interfere with drones?

Drone jammer devices force drones to land or return to a predefined starting position by interfering with drone RF signals, GPS signals, and GNSS signals.

GPS and GNSS systems are important systems for drone navigation to obtain the correct heading. RF signals are channels for remote control signals to control drone commands. Interfering with these signals can easily cause drones to lose control.

The control frequency of RC drones is usually 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz, and the control frequency of FPV drones is 900Mhz. The signal frequency of drone jammers can be as many as 6 or 8. Even drones with multi-band communications will become out of control under the high-intensity signal interference of drone jammers, and return directly.

Are defense departments using drone jammers?

Yes, the drone threat posed by small UAVS drones is immeasurable. They are used for intelligence reconnaissance, prison smuggling, personnel crimes, etc. Defense security organizations should not only strengthen patrols, but also effectively prevent such drones.

In the military and security fields, drone jammers and drone decoys are effectively used to fully protect confidential areas and counter drone threats.

Although jammers are currently the best tool to prevent drone threats, the use of these devices may also have an impact on civilian drones and other legal aircraft, especially in densely populated urban areas.

Because the radio frequency of drones is publicly open, it is likely that other devices are also using this frequency, and the interference range of drone jammers can reach hundreds of meters, and the interference range of Skyfend Hunter drone jammers can even reach 2KM.

skyfend hunter jammer

Drone jammers can effectively curb the impact of spy drones, but when using drone jammers, you also need to pay attention to the use environment and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations to avoid interference with normal flights.

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