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Maritime Drone Detection and Defense

Maritime Drone Detection and Defense

What if you find a drone monitoring you while you are out on a yacht?

As drones grow in size, it is difficult to avoid malicious and unwelcome drones patrolling around us. When drones appear at sea, we are further concerned about drones snooping into our privacy. How can we reject these strange and malicious drones?

Drone security solutions will protect and monitor your superyachts and mega yachts from malicious drones, effectively intercepting and preventing paparazzi, robbers and pirates from invading privacy.

Can drones take off from a ship?

Yes, drones can also take off from a running ship. This means that there is no place on the sea that drones cannot go.

Can anti-drone measures be installed on board?

Most anti-drone solutions are carried out on land. When anti-drone solutions are deployed on ships and yachts at sea, security measures are greatly enhanced.

If you want to deploy anti-drone solutions on ships and yachts, they need to be portable or integrable. Skyfend offers two portable anti-drone jammers, the Skyfend hunter and the Skyfend blader.

Skyfend Hunter drone jammer

What are the Skyfend hunter and Skyfend blader jammers?

The Skyfend Hunter drone jammer can detect, track and identify drones. This jammer can detect drones within a maximum range of 2km and jam drones within 3KM. On calm seas, the jamming range of drones will be even greater.

The Skyfend Blader drone jammer can only jam drones, not detect them. Compared to the Skyfend Hunter drone jammer, it is smaller and easier to carry. It can output a stronger jamming signal for full-band drones within a range of 1.5KM to prevent drones from approaching.

Skyfend Blader drone jammer

Don't ignore radar systems

Deploying radar systems on vessels can also search for and detect low-flying drones, especially small drones. Modern radar systems can distinguish drones from other maritime targets and are an ideal drone detection solution for yachts and ships.

Drone defense products are a must-have safety enhancement for superyacht owners. As drone technology becomes more popular, the number of drone incidents reported by owners, crew and operators continues to increase. Therefore, strengthening the detection and defense of maritime drones is of great significance to maritime security, military defense, marine resource monitoring and environmental protection.

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