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Best Counter-Drone Jammer of 2024: Skyfend Hunter

Best Counter-Drone Jammer of 2024: Skyfend Hunter

As various types of drones begin to become widely popular, quadcopter drones focused on photography also bring potential threats. Unauthorized or malicious flights over restricted areas have unpredictable consequences. For this type of drones, anti-drone technology emerged.

Counter-drone technology, also known as counter-UAS, C-UAS or counter-drone technology, refers to systems used to detect and/or intercept drones. A new market for counter-drone technology is rapidly emerging as concerns grow over the potential security threats drones can pose to civilian and military entities.

According to research:

The C-UAS industry has grown exponentially in recent years. We have identified more than 230 C-UAS products from 155 manufacturers in 33 countries;

The most popular drone detection technologies are radar, radio frequency detection, electro-optical and infrared. The most popular interception technique is jamming;

C-UAS technology poses a wide range of practical, legal, and policy challenges in all operating environments;

The C-UAS industry lacks common standards, which means there is wide variation in system effectiveness and reliability.

Why do we need drone jamming technology?

Unregistered or malicious drones may range from large armed drones capable of using a range of precision-guided missiles and bombs to cheap commercial drones carrying communications systems and sensor suites, or even small drones. State and non-state actors provide aerial intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and command and control capabilities that make it difficult for many important organizations or government portals to defend themselves.

The threat posed by such drones is becoming one of the most urgent and challenging issues for countries around the world.

Advantages of Skyfend Hunter Drone Jammer

The Skyfend Hunter drone jammer is a two-in-one jammer that combines detection and attack. It can effectively jam and block the entire frequency range of drones and prevent drones from approaching. The interference signal of the jammer can cover 2KM, allowing the drone to land or return to the original location.

Drone jamming technology will not damage the drone by directly returning it to home, and effectively prevents the drone from approaching to conduct illegal operations, such as reconnaissance or dropping dangerous goods.

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Skyfend AFA100 Jammer

Skyfend Hunter AFA100 Anti-drone Jammer

  • All-in-One Detection and Jamming
  • 3,000m Jamming Range
  • 400MHz-6GHz Full-Bnad Coverage
  • Equipped With 3.5-Inch Touchscreen
  • Assisted Orientation
  • Intelligent Jamming
  • User Logs
  • Firmware Upgrades
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