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Drone for Oil and Gas Inspection

Drone for Oil and Gas Inspection: Advantages and Solutions

As drones become a reliable solution for businesses, oil and gas companies are utilizing drone inspection services to inspect their infrastructure, saving costs, increasing inspection capabilities and improving safety. Drone for Oil and Gas Inspection brings the asset management and equipment inspection of petroleum and chemical companies to a new level.

Using drones to inspect the oil and gas industries

In the oil and gas industry, safety and efficiency are paramount. Equipment such as flare towers and boiler tanks are dangerous and fragile and require extensive manpower and material inspections. These infrastructure inspections help uncover potential failures or weaknesses throughout the plant. With the continuous development of technology, UAV drones (drone) are playing an increasingly important role in the field of oil and gas inspection.

Using drones to inspect the oil and gas industries

High-definition photographic imaging drones will carry out photographic surveys from the sky, helping to access and collect information that is not normally available. Drones with thermal imaging technology can also respond to temperature changes and reflect different temperature differences, thereby helping to collect more accurate data in hard-to-reach areas.

Advantages of drones in the oil and gas industry

1. Security

During traditional oil and gas inspections, personnel may need to enter hazardous environments, such as heights or areas with toxic gases. Drones can complete inspection tasks without exposing personnel to danger, reducing safety risks for workers.

2. Cost-effectiveness

Traditional oil and gas inspections are often labor- and time-intensive and may involve leasing or purchasing expensive equipment. In contrast, drone inspections can not only save labor costs, but also reduce equipment costs and time costs, thereby improving efficiency and reducing overall costs.

drones inspect for oil and gas

3. Real-time monitoring

Equipped with advanced cameras and sensors, drones can provide high-resolution images and data to enable real-time monitoring of oil and gas facilities. This real-time monitoring capability can help enterprises detect and solve problems in time, thereby reducing potential losses and risks.

4. Environmentally friendly

Drone inspections do not require a large number of vehicles and equipment, so they can reduce pollution and damage to the environment. In addition, drones are usually battery-powered, do not emit harmful gases, and comply with environmental standards.

5. No need to stop operations

Once oil and gas extraction construction begins, it will not end. The use of drone inspection does not require stopping operations and will not affect the oil and natural gas extraction process. It can be inspected from the air at any place and at any time, and at the same time, high-quality Image data will also bring precise data results.

How can drones help the oil and gas industries?

Currently, the petroleum and natural gas industries can not only collect oil and gas through underground excavation on land, but also from offshore platforms. Drones can not only conduct photographic inspections on land but can also take off from ships to inspect offshore oil and gas drilling platforms.

Drones can fully evaluate the operation of refinery flares and steam systems; identify weak links in the structure; accurately identify faults, as well as pipe damage and deformation, and perform long-term and effective maintenance of industrial facilities.

Drones conduct inspections of offshore oil drilling platforms

Drones for Oil and Gas Inspection: A Beginner’s Guide

Before commencing any inspection, safe work practices must be established and implemented and comply with current internal, external and applicable regulations relevant to the task. Drone pilots must obtain a drone license for commercial operations.

When using drones to conduct factory inspections, pilots should prepare:

  • Plan and organize flight routes and collect valuable information in the process;
  • Perform preventive maintenance during routine inspections;
  • Identify potential failures or weaknesses in infrastructure;
  • Develop maintenance plans designed to resolve various issues within the plant.
  • After inspection of the required facilities, a preliminary report will be produced highlighting images of any anomalies found.

Automated drone inspections do not require a lot of effort. If the drone pilot masters flying and photography, you can make money through drone inspections.

Strong Environmental Adaptability

Drone application solutions in the oil and gas industry

Facility inspections, leak detection, environmental monitoring, safety training, risk assessment, inventory management, and emergency response are all specific use cases for drone solutions in the oil and gas industry.

Autel Drone has drones and its ecological platform, and can customize drone oil and gas inspection solutions for you.

The best drone solution for oil and gas inspections

1.Autel EVO II 640T Enterprise V3 + Autel Enterprise App

Autel EVO II 640T Enterprise V3 + Autel Enterprise App

Autel EVO II 640T Enterprise V3 is a professional commercial drone that can achieve 720° obstacle avoidance, return home without GPS, 42 minutes of flight time, and automatically fly around obstacles. It is one of the best drones for automated inspection tasks. The drone's camera lens consists of visible light images and thermal imaging cameras, which can fully collect image data in complex environments.

EVO NEST and Autel Skycommand centers

Autel Enterprise App paired with Autel EVO II 640T Enterprise V3 takes drone inspections to a new level. Drone operators can perform precise positioning, teamwork, polygon tasks, waypoint tasks, and oblique photography, which is the good combination to check out the infrastructure of the oil and gas industry. 

Note: Oblique photography is used to generate three-dimensional images, which also requires adding an RTK module.

The combination can also be added with EVO NEST and Autel Skycommand  center for better autonomous, semi-autonomous or remote driving, all-weather performance, project and mission management, offline mesh networking, multi-channel live broadcast, remote control, data storage and analysis .

2.EVO MAX 4T + Autel Enterprise App + Autel Mapper APP + EVO NEST + Autel Air Command Center

Autel EVO MAX 4T

Autel EVO MAX 4T is a powerful autonomous commercial drone. It has a fisheye lens and millimeter wave radar to achieve 720° obstacle avoidance, IP43 protection level, triple anti-interference, A-Mesh networking technology to achieve teamwork, and a flight time of 42 minutes. , the powerful camera load can perform 8K 10X optical zoom, clearly magnifying details and positioning errors in engineering inspections.

Autel Enterprise App is mission flight software, Autel Mapper APP is drone image modeling software, EVO NEST is a drone nest that provides a home for drone charging, autonomous, semi-autonomous or remote driving, Autel Skycommand Center It is a drone dispatch center that can remotely control the drone fleet for task management.


Drones have broad application prospects in the oil and gas industry. Technological innovation, data processing, and large-scale applications have brought greater productivity to the oil and gas industry, but they also face some challenges and limitations, such as regulatory restrictions and data security.

Autel drones bring powerful advantages and efficient solutions to oil and gas inspections. In the future, through continuous technological innovation, regulatory compliance and safety assurance, drone technology will continue to contribute to the safe and sustainable development of the oil and gas industry. make a contribution.

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