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EVO NEST: Everything you need to know

In order to improve the autonomy of remote operation of UAVs, reduce labor costs, and reduce the danger of manual work environments, Autel Robotics proposed the concept of EVO NEST, a small machine nest, and has officially released it.

The value is all about the aircraft's ability to fly itself without human supervision -- in other words, autonomy. The machine nest is the ground infrastructure to realize the fully automatic operation of the UAV, which is the mobile "home" of the UAV.

This article will fully introduce what is a nest and the role of a drone nest.

What is EVO NEST?

EVO NEST is a deployment platform for autonomous docking drones, which can realize functions such as automatic take-off, autonomous inspection, automatic charging, and automatic landing of drones, and efficiently complete the tasks issued by the command center.

 Autel EVO NEST For drones

Unmanned, automated, and intelligent are important directions for the development of drones, and the development of EVO NEST is an important step for Autel Robotics in this direction. The machine nest can improve the operation efficiency and solve a series of problems such as the short flight time of the UAV and the difficulty of manual operation.

Do you want to have such an EVO NEST?


What problems can machine nest solve?

EVO NEST enables drones to fly safely, even completely autonomously, with the help of an off-site operator. Taking power inspections and placement patrols as examples, EVO NEST can give full play to the autonomy of drones, and perform cloud data transmission to efficiently complete aerial operations.

Power inspection

During the daily inspection of a UAV, at least two operators need to cooperate with each other to complete the operation.

Most of the transmission lines are located in remote areas with complex terrain, and the commuting costs are high, and a section of the line requires multiple transfers to complete the inspection, which is inefficient.

Taking the United States as an example, there are many difficulties in laying transmission lines, and insufficient transmission lines have become the main "bottleneck" for the deployment of renewable energy. Therefore, there is an urgent need to improve the efficiency of UAV inspection operations.

EVO NEST intervenes in power inspection

The drone can complete autonomous inspections in just ten minutes, and the operator does not need to arrive at the scene, and can complete the work by issuing commands remotely through the software.

Security patrol

The difficulty of deploying patrols lies in: First, when conducting large-scale patrols, there will be insufficient manpower, and the quality of patrols cannot be guaranteed. The second is that there are many obstacles when patrolling in the city, which is prone to accidents and increases the cost of patrolling.

EVO NEST intervenes in security patrols

UAV Drones can conduct large-scale patrols, complete patrol tasks on time, and transmit on-site images to the command center in real time, so that the command center can give timely feedback and issue instructions.

What is the working logic of EVO NEST?

EVO NEST automatic flight system is composed of EVO NEST, UAV Drone, cloud service and command center.

Autel EVO NEST Working

The command center issues tasks to EVO NEST and drones
EVO NEST, UAV executes immediately after receiving the mission
And transmit the scene picture to the command center in real time
After the drone completes its mission, it returns to EVO NEST for charging
Waiting for the next task release

Why choose Daotong small machine nest?

System advantage

Autel command center

The operator can remotely issue operation instructions to the UAV, and set parameters such as the UAV's track, time, frequency, etc., without geographical restrictions;

Using back-end real-time recognition technology, it can customize target recognition, quickly detect targets, and diagnose abnormalities in time.

Flexible deployment


It is small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry. It can be deployed in substations, industrial parks, roof platforms and other places. Multiple EVO NESTs can be set up to realize grid deployment.


Autel EVO NEST Security

45 minutes of high current self-charging, with over-current protection mechanism;

There are surveillance cameras inside and electronic locks outside.

Multi-machine adaptation

Compatible with EVO II series, EVO II RTK series, EVO II Enterprise series.

EVO NEST Multi-machine adaptation


It adopts a roller-type protective cover, a special glass fiber charging board and an industrial temperature-controlled air conditioner, IP54 industrial-grade dustproof and waterproof standards, and can easily cope with various complex outdoor environments and climates.

Autel EVO NEST Design
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