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Utilizing drones to inspect oil and gas pipelines - the key advantages

Autel Drones Assist in Inspections of Oil and Gas Pipelines

As oil and natural gas are important non-renewable resources, the safety of pipeline transportation is very important. The rapid development of drones and the drone industry has brought extensive benefits to the energy industry for surveying, ensuring the safety and sealing of pipelines, and discovering potential risks.

Autel drone's current commercial drone has entered many new industries, through its rapid response capability and the latest imaging technology, it has achieved high inspection efficiency in the energy industry and achieved cost-effectiveness.

1. Anti-theft oil patrol team - Sky Eye

Oil theft is a growing threat in the energy industry, and thieves armed with drill bits often make millions while stealing illegal products. One of the immediate benefits of drone solutions, particularly Autel's recent EVO Max 4T, is the ability to access a rapidly deployable surveillance solution that can provide real-time video to headquarters.

Couple that with the latest in drone imaging technology, including thermal camera technology, and the appeal becomes obvious. Autel solutions can guarantee highly reliable and accurate identification and tracking of potential thieves, even using artificial intelligence to monitor and extract data such as license plates of suspicious vehicles involved in theft.

2. When a Spill Happens – The Power of Investigation

With drones equipped with visible light pods, we can monitor oil pipelines for oil leaks, and oil pumping units or pipeline systems for oil leaks.

The ability of drones to perform reconnaissance and actively identify points of interest is unprecedented, and modern systems involve fully automated takeoff, reconnaissance, investigation and return functions.

3. Drone oil and gas pipeline protection patrol

Drones equipped with visible light pods and surveying and mapping equipment can monitor whether there are illegal facilities in the safety protection belt of oil and gas pipelines, and monitor changes in topography and landforms on the left and right sides of the oil field and gas pipelines.

4. Drone emergency patrol

Droneequipped with visible light and infrared pods can handle emergencies 24 hours a day and night, and carry out emergency work such as water assessment after floods, emergency patrols at fire sites, and emergency reconnaissance. It can be used for tracking, oil leakage search, pressure relief, etc.

5. Drone oil field and oil and gas pipeline planning

Droneequipped with aerial survey cameras, oblique photography cameras, and laser radars can perform geographic surveying and scene modeling of oil fields, generate orthophoto maps and 3D model maps of oil fields, and carry out digital planning for new pumping units and oil and gas pipelines.

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