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Autel Skycommand Center

Autel Skycommand Center Drone Solution Architecture

Autel drone is a leading intelligent UAV drones. When multiple UAV drones are working together, we can realize the connection between the UAV drone and Autel Skycommand Center, and use the cloud platform UAV scheduling management system to manage the drone in a unified manner. man-machine.

How does Autel Skycommand Center issue Autel UAV tasks?

The UAV drone dispatch management system cannot directly communicate with the Autel drone. By sending the inspection task to the drone nest, the drone nest is linked with the drone through microwave transmission technology. The UAV drone Obtain tasks through the communication cloud box and perform real-time operations.

After the drone operation is completed, it will automatically return to the drone nest. The drone nest uploads the data to the cloud platform drone dispatching system. The AI module of the system performs AI intelligent analysis on the operation data of the UAV drone, and presents the analysis results in the system.

The above is the process of realizing the unified management of multiple drones by the cloud platform drone scheduling management system. This is a fusion innovation of Drone + geographic information + artificial intelligence + remote sensing big data.

The back end of the drone remote control platform can realize intelligent functions such as automatic planning of drone inspection paths, automatic take-off and landing, and automatic data return.

Conditions for joint operation of UAV drone fleets

1. Drone low-altitude remote sensing networking.

2. Drone, Bird's Nest and cloud linkage architecture.

3. Drone and supporting equipment.

Drone equipment that can be used for UAV fleet linkage operations

(1) Drone platform: Multi-rotor UAV drones realize continuous and precise inspection day and night.

(2) Airborne equipment: visible light, thermal infrared dual light sensor, loudspeaker, airborne cloud box.

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