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Autel Drone IMU, Compass and Gimbal Calibration to Maintain Picture Balance

When the drone is flying, the smooth flight experience and clear image capture bring us great pleasure and excitement. The drone shoots aerial perspectives from various flight angles. For aerial photography masters, it is particularly important to maintain the stability of the picture.

In the configuration of the drone, the gimbal is often used together with the camera, and the three-axis gimbal keeps the drone image stable. Among the common consumer drones, Autel is a brand that integrates R&D and production in the field of drones. All EVO series drones are equipped with three-axis gimbal, and EVO Lite has developed the world's first four-axis gimbal. , one-click to shoot vertical screen blockbusters.

In practice, if we encounter a distorted view of the horizon tilted back from a photo or video transmission, it will affect the entire flight experience, but we can make adjustments.

While a quick recalibration of the gimbal might put the world on its head again, many Autel pilots don't realize that the gimbal isn't the only component that needs tweaking.

To experience true levels, you must recalibrate three components: Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), compass, and gimbal. in that particular order. Because the order is very important.

Data from the IMU helps the gimbal understand the orientation of the Autel aircraft—whether it’s leaning left or right—and the gimbal uses this data to adjust the camera so that the picture is always level and stable.

The compass, on the other hand, helps the gimbal know where the drone is relative to the world, so it can always find its heading, preventing the image from appearing slightly off-center.

All three parts must work together to help you get the best picture possible. To learn how to recalibrate each component, check out these quick tutorial videos.


IMU Calibration

Compass Calibration

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Gimbal Calibration

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Autel Drone is already a product with mature technical means, and has a complete customer service system and after-sales mechanism. For new drones, we can answer all questions and provide assistance to customers at any time.

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