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How To Remove And replace EVO II Drone Gimbal?

Video: How to install and remove the gimbal

EVO2 aircraft can be equipped with the 8k, pro 6k, FLIR bosun's 640 thermal imaging camera and FLIR bosun 320 thermal imaging camera. The 4 gimbals are interchangeable and can be swapped in the field.

Before starting:

You will need a T6 screwdriver, a Philips screwdriver, and a plastic pick. And ensure the aircraft is powered off.

Remove the gimbal

  • Unfold the 4 arms, and lay the aircraft upside down on the table.
  • Use a T6 screwdriver to remove two screws of the gimbal.
  • Remove the gimbal assembly cover
  • Use the Philips screwdriver to remove the screws from the gimbal cable cover plate, and then remove the cover plate
  • Place the plastic pic on the lower right corner of the gimbal cable, and gently lift the cable, and then lift the gimbal bracket and remove the gimbal.

Gimbal Installation

  • Align the vibration damping bracket of the gimbal with the front of the aircraft.
  • Press the cable to ensure that the cable is installed in the correct location
  • Install the gimbal cable cover plate and tighten with screws.
  • Install the gimbal cover and tighten with screws
  • Finally, power on the aircraft and remote controller to check the gimbal self-calibration status and image transmission.
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