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Drone Technology

Drone Detection Technology Maintains Airport Security

Drone Detection Technology
The drone threat near airports, the economic impact of drones on airports and airlines, drone policies and safety procedures all illustrate to us that the drone threat is serious and that we should actively look for solutions to mitigate the Risks associated with drones.

Anti-Jamming Frequency Hopping Drone Technology

Anti-Jamming Frequency Hopping Drone Technology
Anti-jamming frequency hopping drone technology is a drone digital image transmission technology with anti-jamming capability, which uses frequency hopping communication technology to deal with the influence of jamming signals. 

Drone Night Imaging Camera and Technology

Blog posts Drone Night Imaging
At present, the most common night vision cameras on the market are: infrared night vision cameras, infrared thermal imaging cameras, starlight night vision cameras, and full-color night vision cameras. 

Drone Communication: LTE-4G Dongle

Autel MAX 4T
The image transmission control of drones and remote controllers relies on electromagnetic waves, the most common being 2.4GH and 5.8GHz. The drone signal is easily affected by the environment. When the drone loses the signal, the 4G dongle will take over and continue the signal flight.

Drone Mapping: LiDAR Technology

Lidar Drone Mapping
Drone lidar and photogrammetric imaging applications are growing rapidly. LiDAR drones provide new power to the surveying and mapping industry. The use of quadcopters and multirotors in lidar mapping is still in its early stages, and here we illustrate how lidar technology is changing the mapping industry.

Drone Mapping: RTK VS PPK VS GCP

Drone Mapping
Drone aerial surveying and mapping has the characteristics of high precision, high operation efficiency and strong data analysis ability, which largely solves the pain points of manual surveying and mapping.We will explain the three positioning technologies of RTK VS PPK VS GCP in this blog.

Autel Dragonfish's Multispectral Instrument

Autel Dragonfish's Multispectral Instrument
Autel Dragonfish can be used for multispectral imaging. The Dragonfish drone is equipped with a multispectral sensor load DG-M1, which will be used in precision agriculture, providing plant health insights that cannot be captured by ordinary cameras, and improving intelligent agricultural production management.

The Power of Drone Payloads and Sensors

Drone Payloads and Sensors
Drones have revolutionized the way we see and interact with the world. What makes drones more versatile and valuable is the payloads and sensors they carry. In this article, we will explore various types of drone payloads and sensors and their applications.

Mechanical Shutter VS Electronic Shutter

Drone Mechanical Shutter
Drones with cameras have become a useful tool for aerial surveillance, and drones have become one of the important tools for modern photography and video production. To understand the working principle of drone CMOS camera, it is necessary to know the important influence of mechanical shutter and electronic shutter on drone camera imaging.
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